19 Online Bachelor Degree Programs Available in Information Assurance & Cybersecurity

Is a Bachelors in Information Security Online Right for You?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment rates are on the rise for jobs like Network Administrators and Computer Systems Administrators, expecting to increase by about 23 percent between 2008 and 2018. One of the most rapidly expanding areas within the field of technology is Computer Security, and... some of the best opportunities are for people with a bachelors in information security online

If you have a knack for math and enjoy working with computers, consider pursuing a bachelors in information security online. Some programs, like a BA or BS in Information Security and Forensics, have advanced mathematics in statistics, discrete mathematics, and linear algebra, at their core. Curriculum will focus on how to defend an organization's information, and when necessary gather data and evidence for prosecution in legal cases against cybercrime.

Cyber-security is at the front line of importance these days, as attacks on private information through the Internet have grown in cost and damage. In recent years cyber-attacks have gained sophistication as hackers develop new ways to breach security systems, and computer viruses out-smart blocks against them. Earning a bachelor degree in Computer Security online will put you in the lead for desirable positions coordinating information security. As a Computer Security Specialist you will educate clients about computer security issues, install security software, monitor networks, and respond to attacks to minimize damage.

Courses for an online bachelor degree in Computer Security could include; Information Assurance and Cyber-Security, Web Server Design, and Introduction to UNIX/LINUX Operating System, to name just a few possibilities. Getting the training and knowledge you need to set a strong foundation for your career in the world of technology is crucial. Be certain to get answers from regionally accredited universities and colleges offering the type of degree program that interests you.

Find work that you love doing in an environment that you are most comfortable in as you study the information systems that are critical to the smooth functioning of nearly any business or agency. With the high demand for trained professionals in Computer Security, your online bachelor degree will allow you to choose a position in an enormous variety of settings, from small start-ups, to care facilities or government offices.

Learn collaborative strategies for problem-solving, minimize IT risks, and understand techniques to analyze security issues. A bachelor degree in Computer Security will give you the resources to address privacy issues in real-time.


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