35 Online Masters Degree Programs Available in Information Assurance & Cybersecurity

Earning a Masters in Information Security Online

Get exposure to the latest technologies in Internet and information security that keeps businesses up and running and safe from threat. Studying for a masters in information security online may give you the expertise to become a valuable leader in the industry. A top priority of any organization, Internet security... matters to businesses large and small, across every discipline. Everyone is connected, and that means security risk is around-the-clock. Your advanced degree will give you a competitive edge in an evolving marketplace.

A masters in information security online is a great program for a working professional. Whether you already work in technology, or want to get into the field, having a bachelor degree from a regionally accredited university along with some computer and business experience will be helpful. Distance education is a viable option for someone with an already busy schedule, allowing you the flexibility and convenience to make school fit in with work and family obligations. Studies at the graduate level are typically designed for the adult learner. The academic standards are rigorous, but with the ability to flex in response to a mature lifestyle.

Some master degrees in Computer Technology online are geared to specific areas of expertise. For instance, you might earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Computer and Information Security. Such a program seeks to train professionals working in business or industry to protect vital information, evaluate cyber-terrorism threats, and computer forensics. Classes would reflect the topics of Cyber-crime Laws, Forensic Toolkits, Internet Security Measures, and Developing Security Policies. With this specialization you could choose to work in information security management, or in a consultant position in business, healthcare, or government.

Agencies and projects need to be protected to keep the integrity and confidentiality of their information in place. Understanding information assurance and threats against information systems is a highly desirable skill set. Learn best practices for data extraction and preservation, building and maintaining viable information security, and shielding vulnerable targets from terrorists and hackers. Knowledge is power, and a company's databases and information is their bottom line.

Some master programs for Computer Security can lead to official certification as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) to show employers that you have the training necessary to keep their businesses safe. Strengthen your ability to ensure that organizational goals are met and business can proceed as usual.


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