86 Online Degree Programs Available in Curriculum & Instruction

Why Pursue a Curriculum and Instruction Degree Online

Curriculum and instruction is the perfect field for individuals who are passionate about education and want to have an influence on how and what students learn. Focusing on large scale curriculum design rather than on teaching individual classes, programs in this field prepare professionals to become curriculum specialists.

Also known as... instructional coordinators, curriculum specialists develop curricula by selecting textbooks, setting standards, training teachers, and assessing educational programs for how well they meet students' needs. They recommend material to school administrators that is engaging and age-appropriate for students, and which furthers their intellectual development. They may also test out new technologies to judge whether or not they should be used in the classroom.

Curriculum and instruction degree online are most common at the master's level, as a master's is usually required to become an instructional coordinator. A typical master's program in this field will cover curriculum theory while placing it in today's social context. While some programs in curriculum and instruction focus on specific subject areas, such as mathematics or history, others are more generalized.

With job growth for curriculum specialists expected to grow much faster than average for all occupations, it is an excellent career choice for educators who want to parlay their experience into influence and have a wider impact on educational practice. The majority of curriculum specialists work in public and private educational institutions, but others are employed by government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and family services.


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