19 Online Degree Programs Available in Gerontology

How Can You Benefit from a Gerontology Degree Online?

People already working in the helping professions, or considering starting a human services career, should look at a gerontology degree online as an excellent option. Healthcare and services for the aging is a rapidly growing field that continues to add exciting job opportunities. Due to the aging of the baby-boomer... generation, this country will continue to see an ongoing expansion of need for services for the elderly, creating good job stability for those entering the field. The aging network needs professionals focusing on the aging population to develop and analyze policies, administer finances, and manage programs.

Gerontology is differentiated from the field of geriatrics. Gerontology refers to the Greek word, geron-, meaning old man, and -ology, or the study of. Concerned with the biological, social, and psychological aspects of aging, gerontology focuses on the impact that aging has on the individual, the family, community, and society at large. Geriatrics deals within the realm of medicine and diseases that affect the elderly. A gerontology degree online will prepare you to break ground in this relatively new field of study as the elderly population increases at a high rate.

In this growing field of aging services there are employment opportunities in a variety of settings and situations. Some examples are long-term elder care, community based services, health services case management for clients requiring chronic care, marketing to an aging population, and service supported housing. Whenever elders can be given services and support that maximizes their independence through housing, healthcare and social needs, an online degree in Gerontology will provide a useful knowledge base.

Seeking a Gerontology degree online will direct you to some of the following degree specialized areas: Bachelor of Science in Human Services — Gerontology, Bachelor of Arts in Gerontology, Master of Health Administration — Gerontology, Master in Gerontology — Management of Aging Services.

Courses for online degrees in Gerontology are designed to prepare students to work within a growing aging population as advocates for senior citizens. Distance education can be an excellent solution to the working adults' problem of not having enough time to further their education. So many people find it difficult to carve out time to dedicate to school, but online classes provide the flexibility required to be an effective student. Accredited colleges and universities are providing more and more online courses as demand grows.

With the focus on the bio-psychosocial development of the aging client, Gerontology degrees earned online will prepare students to identify community resources, assess client needs, advocate and problem solve with and for their clients. Some degrees focus even more on improving the quality of life of older people through program delivery and social policy. The courses are designed to prepare graduates to work with the change process of aging and address how the aging population impacts social policy and program delivery, quality of life available to older persons and their evolving role in society, and to respond professionally and effectively to the needs of an aging population.

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