118 Online Bachelor Degree Programs Available in Health & Medicine

All About a Bachelors in Medicine & Health Online

Before entering an M.D., O.D., or D.D.S. program, you will need to complete a bachelor degree. Many students choose to major in a science for their undergraduate degree, but you can also choose pre-medicine as a major. This type of program offers an interdisciplinary study of natural and physical sciences,... requires laboratory training, and puts a strong emphasis on critical thinking and communication skills.

If you want to pursue a career in the medical field but do not plan to work as a board-certified physician or dentist, you could earn a bachelors in medicine & health online. This may prepare you for a challenging career working with patients as a technician, assistant, or administrative staff member in a healthcare facility. There are numerous concentrations for online undergraduate medical degrees, allowing an opportunity for you to find a program that matches your specific interests. The course of study for most undergraduates majoring in a medical specialty includes a solid background in Medical Terminology, Pharmacology, and Anatomy and Physiology. You may also participate in clinical training that could enable you to gain significant technical proficiency in the field.

You might pursue a bachelors in medicine & health online that helps prepare you for a career working in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. Concentrations are available in diverse specialties such as diagnostic medical sonography, clinical laboratory science, and medical technology. Graduates of these programs could find positions in a variety of settings, from hospital laboratories to private practice to pharmaceutical and other health-related companies. In these career paths, you may also be responsible for managing quality control in the laboratory, office, or medical environment in which you work.

Some online medical degree programs focus on training professionals for nonclinical and administrative support positions. In these areas, your studies might include courses such as Medical Billing and Coding, Medical Transcription, and Medical Law.

You could also earn a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene. You could practice as a hygienist with an online associate degree or certificate and the required state license, but you will need a bachelor (and in some instances a master degree) to conduct research, teach, or enter clinical practice. Online bachelor degree programs in dental hygiene offer laboratory, clinical, and classroom instruction. Online undergraduate studies may include courses in Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Nutrition, Radiography, Histology (the study of tissue structure), Periodontology (the study of gum diseases), Pathology, Dental Materials, and Clinical Dental Hygiene.

For some career paths, you may need to earn advanced certification. Your undergraduate coursework should prepare you for any certification exams or licensing requirements. After earning your online bachelor degree, you may choose to continue your education in order to enter a career in nursing or other advanced healthcare position.

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