65 Online Masters Degree Programs Available in Curriculum & Instruction

Career Paths With a Masters Degree in Curriculum & Instruction

Whether you are a prospective teacher on the path to a meaningful career or an established education professional seeking new opportunities, earning a masters degree in curriculum and instruction online may be a recommended next... step for growing in your field. In the past 10 years, the number of teachers seeking a masters degree in curriculum and instruction online has grown by approximately 44%.[i] A Masters in Curriculum and Instruction online may allow working teachers and busy adults to pursue graduate education while remaining employed.  

Curriculum and Instruction is an M.Ed program that typically covers instructional theory, classroom practices, curriculum development, and other essential knowledge areas. Within this program, candidates may have the option to select a concentration or subject area, such as Teacher Leadership, Gifted Education, Reading, Mathematics, and more. Earning a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction online may help candidates to better serve their students, schools, and communities while pursuing professional opportunities in classroom teaching, curriculum development, department leadership, school administration, and more.

Statistics show that earning a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction online may be a good investment for future educators. In 2010, education professionals with a graduate degree experienced an unemployment rate of only 1.9%, as opposed to 3.9% for experienced Bachelor’s degree holders and 5.4% for inexperienced Bachelor’s degree holders.[ii] The top 10% of Curriculum and Instruction Coordinators with a Master’s degree or higher earned over $93,000 in 2010.[iii]

Depending on your career ambitions or the requirements of your current employer, pursuing an M.Ed could be an important part of your professional development. A Masters in Curriculum and Instruction online may allow teachers and prospective teachers to explore new ideas in education, broaden their knowledge base, and gain a greater appreciation for this rewarding field.  




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