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72 Online Masters Degree Programs Available in Psychology

Online Masters Degree in Psychology - Masters in Psychology Online

What Could You Pursue with a Masters Degree in Psychology?

If you find the human mind and how it works fascinating, pursuing an online master’s in psychology degree could be for you. Many psychology careers require a psychology master’s degree. And there are a variety of careers that may suit your interests. If you like helping people one-on-one, you could... become a mental health counselor or marriage and family therapist. If you like a clinical or research environment, you could go into clinical psychology. Like children? You could help them by becoming a school counselor. And if the business world is more your thing, you may want to look into becoming an industrial-organizational psychologist.

Potential Salaries?

  • • Clinical psychologist: $66,810i
  • • Mental health counselor: $38,150ii
  • • Marriage and family therapist: $45,720iii
  • • Industrial-organizational psychologist: $87,330iv
  • • School counselor: $53,380v

What Will I Study?

Depending on what you choose as a specialty, psychology master’s degree courses may include research and evaluation methods, developmental psychology, neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, and critical thinking.

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