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PWM has marked the fourth and most successful chapter of our scholarship initiative, which aims to support and inspire the educational goals of working parents across America. This project has made it possible for busy working moms to find financial resources to assist in their goals of returning to school.  Additonally, the project has helped moms identify which degree may be right for them in going back to school and how to apply for educational scholarships, financial aid, and grants. 

Project Working Mom has successfully elevated the issue of adult students’ needs to the level of national discourse.  Thanks to Project Working Mom’s many inroads, we’re confident that community leaders and organizations will continue to address the barriers – time, money and confidence – that separate working parents from the higher education opportunities they need.

To date, 245 moms and dads received full-tuition scholarships for online degrees in their various fields.  The awards granted through Project Working Mom are worth a combined total of 9 million dollars.  And many of the recipients are already using their education to excel professionally.


Okay, moms,

 Fill in the blanks:  I'd like to go back to school, but I don't have enough _____.


Between your kids’ needs and your work headaches, the last thing you need is another time commitment, right? Wrong! Education is the first thing you need. A college degree is the clearest route to self-fulfillment and financial security. Learn how online education can fit in to your busy schedule, and see how other working moms have achieved their educational goals.


If you’re putting off college because it’s too expensive, you might be in for a long wait. College costs continue to rise, and you’re still shut out from the higher-paying career you deserve. Instead of waiting, apply for a Project Working Mom full-tuition scholarship, plus learn more about financial aid options & personal budgeting.


Every day, you teach your kids to grow and explore. Now is your chance to teach by example. Don’t let fears and insecurities hold you back. Besides, online colleges and universities may provide comprehensive support services for their students – everything from academic advising to career counseling. You could be a good student and a good mom.

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