3 Online Masters Degree Programs Available in Economics

How Could You Benefit From an Online Masters in Economics?

To get into the economics field, a bachelor’s degree in economics is a good start. But if you want to gain a more sophisticated understanding of the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services – not to mention enhance your career – you may want to consider earning an... online masters in economics. Many economics jobs require at least a master’s degree.I

Projected job growth from 2010-20 for economics careers varies between 6% for economists IIand 10-19% for college economics professors.III

Economics remains a popular major, as the number of bachelor’s degrees in economics awarded has grown from 19,437 in 2001 to 28,528 in 2011.I Economist jobs are projected to grow by 6% between 2010-20.II Another economics field, financial analyst, is projected to grow by 23%.III

What Can You Do with an Online Masters in Economicss?

By earning an online masters in economics, you may find opportunities for jobs not only as an economist, but also as a college economics professor or in specialized areas of the field such as environmental economics.

What Can You Earn?

  • • College economics professor: $87,950IV
  • • Environmental economist: $91,860V
  • • Economist: $89,450VI

What Will You Study?

As you work towards your online masters in economics, subjects you may study include mathematics for economics, international business, microeconomics, applied statistics, labor economics, operations research, macroeconomics, and economic development.

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