80 Online Degree Programs Available in Education Leadership & Administration

All About Online Educational Leadership Programs

Educational Administrators fulfill their schools' educational missions and coordinate among students, parents, staff, and faculty to ensure things run smoothly and the school's highest standards are achieved. Administrators work to create an optimal learning environment in which children are safe and their backgrounds and interests are respected, and every aspiration... is attainable.

Administrators play several different roles in all levels of education. Principals working in elementary, middle, and secondary schools set the standards and goals for both teachers and students and at the post-secondary level, academic policies and programs are run by deans and provosts. Such professionals hire faculty, set academic standards, and develop the policies needed to achieve them.

Online educational leadership programs will prepare experienced educators to move onto leadership roles within schools and districts. Combining courses such as organizational management, public policy, and curriculum planning, students at the master's and doctorate levels come to understand the ins and outs of how a school works. Internships and fieldwork are usually essential parts of an educational administration degree curriculum.


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