41 Online Masters Degree Programs Available in General Education

Benefits of a Masters in Teaching Online

Are you thinking about furthering your career in the fulfilling field of education? Do you want to make a change by becoming involved in this profession? Whether you're looking to build upon the experience you've already had or you're starting from scratch with acquiring skills in the pedagogical realm, an... online master's degree in general education could be beneficial in a number of ways.

While diving right into this line of work could let you gain expertise from hands-on experience, there may still be a wealth of insight that you're missing. For this reason, enrolling in an online master's program in general education is probably a smart choice, as the classes you would take to complete this degree are bound to fill in any gaps in your existing knowledgebase and set you up for success. Not to mention, if you take initiative and earn an advanced degree, you could show potential employers that you're dedicated to education.

A range of employment opportunities in general education
When it comes to the education field, you'll likely find that there are so many positions available, and not just in teaching. Schools of every size - both public and private - rely on an array of professionals to keep every aspect of their institutions running efficiently. From coming up with budgets and designing curricula to managing faculty members and supervising students, the tasks that schools need to complete vary considerably. Consequently, educational institutions depend on highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals to take care of these responsibilities, and may offer all kinds of job opportunities to individuals with the right training and background.

This means that taking the time to broaden your scope and develop a more nuanced awareness of the educational field - a feat that could be accomplished by earning an online master's degree - may increase your odds of excelling in this profession.

Possible salaries in general education
There is a wide range when it comes to the pay you can expect to earn after completing your online master's degree in general education. The compensation that could be yours depends not only on the position you would hold, but also on the type of school that may employ you. While the exact funds that an institution or school system has plays a role in potential salaries, the job you land and the responsibilities involved are major factors. Here are several positions you could pursue with an advanced degree, in addition to the estimated incomes compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Elementary, middle and high school principal: Median annual salary of $87,760 (6 percent projected growth through 2022)[i]

  • Postsecondary education administrator: Median annual salary of $86,490 (15 percent projected growth through 2022)[ii]

  • Instructional coordinator: Median annual salary of $60,050 (13 percent projected growth through 2022)[iii]

Additional skills for careers in general education
While earning an online master's degree in general education could give you insight into numerous subjects - including finance, history and child development - that are essential to this field, there are other skills that may help you succeed. For starters, refined interpersonal and communication capabilities are key to this area of work. Additionally, being able to think on your feet, analyzing and solving problems in a blink of the eye, is crucial if you want to go far in this field. 

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