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General Education Masters Degree

Looking to enhance your career in education? Do you want to put yourself in a position to pursue a range of careers in the education industry? If you answered “Yes!” then ...

Looking to enhance your career in education? Do you want to put yourself in a position to pursue a range of careers in the education industry? If you answered “Yes!” then you may want to consider earning a Masters in General Education Online. Careers in education span a range of responsibilities and focuses, from kindergarten to adulthood, and from teaching to administration. Earning a master’s degree may allow you to pursue many of these careers, while earning one in general education may help keep your options open. If this sounds interesting, keep reading...

Essentials of Master in General Education Online Programs

Considered a graduate,  or second-cycle degree,  a master’s degree may be earned by students after completing their bachelor-level studies.ii Generally requiring one to two years of study after earning a bachelor’s degree,ii master’s degrees may be known by a number of different titles.iii The most common might be the Master of Arts or the Master of Science, but you may also see programs awarding a Master of Education degree.iii

After earning a master’s degrees, students may typically choose either to pursue a career in their field, or continue their education.iii The next level of studies in American higher education is a doctorate degree, such as a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).ii While it’s possible they may, not all doctoral programs require students to have a master’s degree for admission.iii

Potential Concentrations in General Education Masters Programs

While general education masters degrees may offer broad coursework in education, they may also give students the option of choosing a concentration, or an area of focus for their studies. Depending on your interests or career goals, you may want to pick one of these specializations. While they may vary from school to school, and some master in general education online programs may not even offer concentrations, examples of possible options for students could include some of the following:

  • Childhood education
  • Curriculum and instruction
  • Higher education
  • Literacy education
  • Leadership
  • Special education
  • Distance learning

If there’s a particular area within the education industry that you’d like to direct your studies toward, you might want to make sure that the schools you’re considering offer it as a concentration. Before applying, make sure to reach out and request additional information from the schools you’re interested in.

Possible Course Offerings in a General Education Online Masters

Depending on the possible schools, programs, and concentrations you’re looking into, the coursework required to earn a master’s in general education could vary greatly. While it’s difficult to say what your exact options might be, course subjects that might be covered could include some of the following common topics:

  • Theories of education
  • Legal and ethical issues in education
  • Diversity
  • Research methods
  • Curriculum design
  • Strategies of instruction
  • Educational technology
  • Assessment

Depending on the program, you may also be required to take a capstone course, which is typically a class that applies learned concepts to real-world issues via a research project.
One possible program requirement you should look into before applying to any school to earn an online degree is whether or not they have any requirements that cannot be met online. While online degree programs in general education mostly focus on online coursework, some schools may require students to make visits to the campus for workshops or specific courses. If this might affect your ability to complete a program, be sure to look into this possibility before applying.

Paths to a Career

After earning a master’s degree in general education online you may be able to pursue a number of careers. Even for careers that you might have been able to seek with just a bachelor’s degree—such as preschool or kindergarten teacher—you may still be able to pursue those positions but for higher pay.  In other words, education positions may typically offer wage premiums for master’s degree holders.iv In fact, in 2013, education administrators, preschool teachers, and kindergarten teachers with master’s degrees all earned over 40% more than their counterparts who had only earned bachelor’s degrees.iv

To get into more detail, one position you might be able to pursue with a Master in General Education Online could be as an instructional coordinator.v  Instructional coordinators may typically perform duties related to the creation and administration of curriculums, educational standards, and teaching techniques in a school or educational  According to a poll conducted by O*Net,  73% of instructional coordinators reported that they needed to earn a master’s degree to be able to pursue a career in the field.vii  The median annual wage in 2015 was $62,270.viii

While entry-level education for high school teachers may typically be a bachelor’s degree, some schools might require teachers to earn a master’s degree.ix  According to O*Net, 10% of high school teachers needed a master’s degree for their position. x The median annual salary for this career was $57,200 in 2015.xi

Elementary school teachers may also need to earn a master’s degree for some jobs, despite a bachelor’s degree being the most common entry-level education.xii  In fact, 19% of elementary school teachers polled by O*Net reported that a master’s degree was the education level required for their position.xiii  Elementary school teachers earned a median annual salary of $54,890 in 2015.xiv

Start Your Search

Knowing what you do now, you may be ready to being your search for General Education Master programs! Get going right here on by checking out our sponsored listings to compare and contrast General Education Masters Degree programs, and then reach out to any schools that interest you. Good luck!

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