143 Online Degree Programs Available in Information Technology

Information Technology Degree - Online Information Technology Degree Programs

Computer-based gadgets have become necessary tools in navigating our increasingly Web-based world. Information technology (IT) deals with using technological hardware and software applications to retrieve, store, and transmit data—the many kinds of information that individuals and organizations use to go about daily business.

Today, IT professionals perform a wide range of... duties across every imaginable industry. They may be employed as computer hardware or software engineers, database managers, systems/network administrators, or they may focus on different devices such as smart phones or gaming systems. They may work for tech-based companies, or be employed as in-house troubleshooters in non-technology organizations.

Information Technology Degrees are offered at all levels of study, from professional certificates, which prepare students for certain occupations, all the way up to a doctorate, for which individuals would be expected to contribute valuable knowledge to the field. IT programs emphasize hands-on training, problem-solving, communications, as well as the student's personal search for a subject specialty.

Because online programs can be taken using the same medium which IT professionals work (computers), it is the optimal, flexible learning platform for them. Online programs allow students to set their own schedules, practice working with computer-based applications, and engage with instructors and classmates in a high-tech, multimedia platform.

Job duties may vary by specialty, but what consistently draws professionals into the IT field is the high pay, positive employment outlook, and the chance to be involved in a cutting-edge industry.

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