You could go for the highest degree possible and earn the recognition of expert status in your discipline with a doctoral degree in real estate. Your advanced scholarly endeavors may show you how current real estate issues respond to applied modern research methodologies. This level of education may give individuals opportunities for pursuing employment in technical research positions in private industry, as well as academic teaching jobs.

Earning an online degree is an excellent way to optimize your time, and create an efficient schedule. Find a workable balance between school, work, and family with classes that you may be able to access whenever you find the time, day or night. Graduate students who are working toward a doctorate of real estate may find programs that are geared to respond to the lifestyle of the adult learner.

You could gain knowledge of current issues and research in the field of real estate with an online doctorate degree. You may learn about regulatory standards, real estate cycles, options and finance in real estate and agglomeration economies. Understanding advanced topics like the structure and operation of mortgages, and land and housing markets can be critical in offering guidance as an advisor in your field.

Attending online classes for a real estate doctorate program may be preparation for a career in scholarly research and instruction in a university setting. Doctoral degree holders may work as professors, faculty, or senior researchers. Others may go on to function as researchers in private organizations, or to lead companies and nonprofit agencies at the top level of management.

Doctoral programs can last from around two to four years, with a great deal of variance depending on the individual program, as well as the pace that the graduate student sets for the speed they progress through their studies. A PhD, or doctor of philosophy, and doctor of business administration (DBA) are both doctorate degrees, and can reflect the specialization of real estate. PhD programs often dedicate greater emphasis to techniques and knowledge that might be applied to an academic career, whereas a DBA is more typically pursued by candidates who are seeking advancement in the business world.

Coursework for an online real estate doctorate degree may focus on issues to prepare students with a strong foundation in the essentials of their field. With finance and economics at the basis of realty concerns, you could expect real estate economics classes like Capital Markets, Housing and Urban Economics, Structured Financing, Contract Design and Pricing.