20 Online Masters Degree Programs Available in Social Work

Earning an Online Masters in Social Work

For students who hope to become leaders and activists in the field of social work, a master degree may be a required preparatory step. Social work is a field with room for trained individuals to make a much needed impact on social injustice. With education may come the power to... initiate positive changes in the way social wrongs are approached, prevented, and resolved. By pursuing an online masters in social work, students may take a more advanced look at the field of social work in order to pursue enhanced career opportunities and better solutions for the problems in the world today.

Students may approach an online masters in social work with relevant prior education and work experience, or they may begin the program armed only with the desire to begin a new career journey in this rewarding field. Master degree candidates with prior social work experience may build on their preexisting knowledge base, while students who have a bachelor degree in another field may dive into introductory social work courses before beginning more involved studies.

At the master level, students may or may not choose a concentration that allows them to work towards a desired social work career area. What population do you most hope to assist with your social work knowledge and background? Areas of professional focus may include healthcare, children and school services, or disability advocacy, among many other social work departments. Students may pursue specific knowledge in an area of interest while also pursuing general courses that may help them to be better leaders, managers, organizers, and advocates. They may be encouraged to pursue internships and professional development opportunities, as well as to prepare for state licensure. Independent research, including a master thesis, may be emphasized in addition to guided learning.

With a master degree in social work, students may find varied career opportunities that allow them to serve in an administrative or managerial capacity. They may also become caseworkers serving a specific area of need. Graduates may go on to pursue opportunities as counselors, advocates, and caseworkers for government agencies, hospitals and rehab centers, nonprofit organizations, or other employers. The theoretical and practical knowledge acquired during a master degree program may help social workers to adapt to a variety of professional responsibilities.

Many students pursue a master degree in social work while remaining employed in this or another field. If you hope to earn a master degree as a means of changing or enhancing your current career, you might need to find a program that lets you study without relocating or giving up your employment. Online learning may be a means of pursuing the knowledge necessary for an enhanced social work career without the inconvenience of moving or commuting to a college location.

For many people, finding the ideal career means searching for personal fulfillment that goes beyond material gain. If you feel that you have a lot to offer to the field of social work, a master degree may be a natural choice for pursuing a career that lets you make a difference.

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