21 Online Masters Degree Programs Available in Social Work

Why Pursue an Online Master's Degree in Social Work?

Many people hope to pursue a career that will allow them to make a difference in the lives of others. Some work toward teaching degrees while others opt for social entrepreneurship, but more still choose to earn their certification in social work - an educational pursuit that may open the... door to potential careers with companies and nonprofits that hope to change the world.

An online master's degree in social work may be a great choice for those who want to make an impact in the world through a specialized career. Whether you earned your bachelor's degree in a similar field or you're considering the subject for the first time, this path could introduce you to a range of subjects and potential careers that may help you in your dreams to change the world.

A glimpse into the realm of social work

With your degree in social work, you may be prepared to pursue a career with a nonprofit or agency geared toward providing services to members of the community. You may opt to select a more specialized degree path if you have a solid idea as to what occupation you'd like to pursue, such as those that focus on the health sector or those in family and community services. Courses in this program introduce students to social work topics across the board, allowing learners to get a taste for the options to truly glean the area in which they would like to pursue specialization.

During your educational pursuit, your online master's degree program may call for more intensive involvement, such as participating in internships or community projects meant to help particular sectors of the population. For those who want to establish themselves as leading professionals in the field, there are courses dedicated to these paths, such as those that focus on disability advocacy, children and school services, or community and social development.

Possible salaries for a career in social work

With your online master's degree in social work, you could pursue a career as an advocate, organizer, teacher, activist or manager in the community. Consider the following careers and their salaries, with data compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2012.

  • Social workers: 2012 Median annual salary of $44,200 (19 percent projected growth through 2022)[i]

  • Health educators and community health workers: 2012 Median annual salary of $41,830 (21 percent projected growth through 2022)[ii]

  • Social and community service managers: 2012 Median annual salary of $59,970 (21 percent projected growth through 2022)[iii]

Additional skills required for a career in social work

If you have a strong desire to pursue an occupation in social work, it's essential to have a heart for your fellow man. These individuals spend their days working with other people and finding ways to make life better for other people, whether they're conducting business alongside children or established professionals in the field. Additionally, depending on the area you choose to pursue, you may require additional degrees or certifications that could help better prepare you for the job. Workers should be passionate about learning about social work and how they can continue to make lives better.

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