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Why Choose an IT Program or Degree?

Employment of Software Developers is Expected to grow 30% from 2010 to 2020Information technology is a booming industry with programmers and technicians competing to stay on the cutting edge of digital advancement. There are many jobs within the Computers and... Information Technology realm ranging from Computer Systems Analysts, Database Administrators (or DBAs), Network Administrators and Software Developers.

Most jobs in this field typically require a Bachelor's degree in computer science or technology related area, and salaries vary widely. According to the BLS, the 2010 median annual pay for these occupations is as follows:

~Computer Systems Analyst: $77,740[i]
~DBA: $73,490[ii]
~Network & Computer Systems Administrator: $69,160 [iii]
~Software Developer: $90,530 [iv]

Successful candidates in this line of work often excel in critical thinking, systems analysis, active listening, writing and  complex problem solving.

In completing an online degree in the field of Computers and Information Technology, the coursework is likely to include Programming and Writing Code, Applications Software, Computer Systems, Internet and Intranet, and Algorithms. You should develop both the technical competencies and the professional communication skills needed to work in information technology.


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