Online Classes vs Traditional Classes: What American’s Think – Gallup Poll

More and more Americans are either taking online classes – 6.7 million are taking them as they earn college degrees[i]  – or know someone who is, as more than 64% of traditional colleges are offering online degree programs.[ii] And they’re starting to like the idea of online classes.

A Gallup poll of online classes vs. traditional classes found that Americans like online courses for the wide range of curricula options, and for the value.[iii]

Seventy-two percent of those polled said that online courses were the same as or better than traditional in-person courses when it came to providing a wide range of options for curriculum. Thirty-three percent said that online courses were better at providing good value for the money, while 34% said they were the same as in-person courses.

In a question of online education vs. traditional education, almost half, 46%, thought online courses were the same as or better than in-person courses at providing a degree that would be seen positively by employers.

The poll also found that one in five students, and a total of 5% of all adults, are currently taking some kind of online course.

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