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How Could You Benefit from an Online Bachelors Degree in Business?

If you're ready to commit four years to often challenging, but extremely rewarding, college-level coursework, it may be time for you to pursue an online bachelors degree in business.

This undergraduate credential could provide the foundation for a fruitful career in the business sectors of various industries, such as agriculture, entertainment... and health care, among many others. No matter what your professional goals may be, your experience in a bachelor's degree in business administration program may equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in your chosen line of work.

Beneficial to many professions?

So what could you pursue after earning an online bachelors degree in business? A whole lot, as it turns out.

After completing this credential, you may be qualified academically to pursue various roles, such as that of a logistician. In this line of work, which is focused on a company's supply chain, you could play a role in the life cycle of a product, from its acquisition to its delivery. At the same time, you could be expected to communicate with customers to gain a better sense of what they need. For these reasons, graduates of business programs may be ideal candidates for this occupation.

The pay?

If you're wondering how much you could stand to earn as a logistician, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics may have the answers you seek. Here are the median annual wages for this profession, as well as several others graduates of bachelor's degree in business programs may pursue:

  • Logisticians: $72,780i (22 percent employment growth projected through 2020)ii
  • Financial examiners: $75,800iii (6 percent employment growth projected through 2020)iv
  • Budget analyst: $69,280v (6 percent employment growth projected through 2020)vi
  • Compensation, benefits and job analysis specialists: $59,090vii (6 percent employment growth projected through 2020)viii

Business basics?

What links many of these careers together is the fact that you may need the types of basic business skills bachelor's degree programs could help you acquire. For example, in a sector involving numbers, you couls expect to take courses that help you hone your math and analytical skills.

At the same time, a career in business will mean collaboration with co-workers and clients, so you could expect to hone your communication skills during your undergraduate career. After all, you'll need to know how to get your point across, whether you're writing a quick email to your supervisor or delivering a presentation in a boardroom.

Of course, as you're studying business administration, you may also gain an understanding of just how much goes into running an organization. So expect to learn a thing or two about leadership on your road to earning your degree.

Core business courses such as accounting, economics, finance, marketing, management and organizational behavior are among the classes that may help you acquire the knowledge and skills you may need. If you're ready to launch your career, it could be time to enroll in an online bachelor's of business degree program that may be right for you.


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