Altierus Career College


Guided by non-profit values, Altierus Career College holistically prepares students to forge new career paths. Its all-inclusive approach includes technology-enabled coursework that provides learning flexibility and meets the current day needs of employers; hands-on training in real-world environments; integrated professional skills development; and comprehensive support throughout the student journey. Current locations include Houston, Texas; Tampa, Florida; and Atlanta, Georgia. Altierus is part of ECMC Education, a nonprofit career and technical education provider that delivers holistic educational experiences that improve student outcomes.

Tuition includes an iPad, professional tools, externship (varies by program), and certification/licensure prep and testing, as applicable, at no extra cost so you are ready to begin your training fully equipped. You will gain hands on-training experience in professional learning environments complimented by technology-enabled instruction, such as interactive lectures and online coursework.



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