Arizona Automotive Institute


What They’re Know For

The Arizona Automotive Institute, founded in 1968, offers personalized training in automotive industries as well as other fields. With practical skills combined with hands-on experience, Arizona Automotive Institute may be the place for students to use innovative technology while preparing for rewarding careers.


Unique Opportunities

There are a variety of programs available to students, many of them accelerated.

  • Arizona Automotive Institute offers 4 trade school options which include HVAC and Basic Refrigeration, Automotive Service Technology, Diesel – Heavy Truck, and Combination Welding.
  • Some of the programs can be completed in a little as 40 weeks like HVAC and Basic Refrigeration and Combination Welding.  
  • Within the Automotive Service Technology, students will have the opportunity to learn shop safety, customer skills, and how to troubleshoot, repair, and service automobiles.
  • If students are passionate about diesel vehicles, then they will have the opportunity to receive training in how to inspect, diagnosis, and repair diesel trucks and buses in the Diesel – Heavy Truck program.


Why We Love Arizona Automotive Institute

  • Arizona Automotive Institute offers career services which students can access that could help while attending school and even post-graduation.
  • Included within career services is a graduate employment service which offers job coaching, job placement, and interviewing tips as well as other resources.
  • There are opportunities for employers to partner with AAI to enhance job placement for students and while benefiting employers, too.


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