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A Sequential Curriculum that Promotes Focus at Atlantis University Online

The curriculum at Atlantis University Miami is based on an educational model that encourages students to take one course at a time, each lasting from between four to six weeks. This sequential approach eliminates the need for students to try and juggle numerous assignments and exam preparation for multiple classes. The end result is an educational environment that promotes heightened focus and full immersion in the subject matter being studied.

Small Class Size in Atlantis University Programs

Atlantis University Miami may be a great choice for students seeking out the benefits of a more personal learning environment. Small classes are central to the philosophy at Atlantis University, and we are deliberate about fostering the rich teacher / student exchange that is needed to make an educational program effective.

Flexible Scheduling with Atlantis University Online Degrees

At Atlantis University we feel as though job responsibilities and other personal or family obligations should not get in the way of a quality education. With this in mind, Atlantis University Miami offers day, evening, weekend, and distance-learning courses so that every student can best accommodate his or her particular scheduling needs.

A Hands-On Learning Experience

It has long been known that hands-on work experience provides one of the most effective ways to learn. Accordingly, Atlantis University integrates operational training and other technological resources into its curriculum so that students can be best prepared for their new profession and the challenges of the modern-day workplace.

A Career-Focused Curriculum through Atlantis University Miami Courses

Atlantis University offers a specialized curriculum that targets areas within the worlds of business and information technology (IT). We maintain a well-rounded curriculum advisory group composed of academics, entrepreneurs, employers, and community leaders.

Furthermore, the deans and professors at Atlantis University Miami constantly monitor workforce trends in order to ensure a high demand for the knowledge, certifications, and diplomas  that  our graduates earn. As a student at Atlantis University, you can receive the education and career training that is needed to break into the workforce and succeed as a professional in your respective field.

Proactive Career Services

In addition to providing the courses, training, and degrees that you will need to enter the workforce, Atlantis University Miami online programs go the extra mile with career services that take an active role in helping its students actually land a job. Whether you are looking for work in Miami, South Florida, or beyond, Atlantis University online strives to leverage industry relationships and employment resources so that your diploma can translate into a career opportunity.

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