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Brookline College is committed to providing students with an efficient, focused education. They take pride in helping their students develop the skills and knowledge to support the careers they want. And with a combination of experienced faculty, innovative technology, and dedicated focus, they work to do so as effectively as possible.  Brookline college online programs provide ease and convenience for students.

What’s more, they aim to help students graduate with that expertise in as little time as possible, on their own terms. Programs could be available online or at one of their local campuses in Arizona or New Mexico.

About Brookline College Online

Brookline College has been serving students for more than thirty years. Their programs aim to prepare students for rewarding careers in health care, business, legal studies, and nursing. At Brookline College, students could get the help they need to earn their degree, learn specialized skills, and get a jump start on their career.

Brookline College is an independent, accredited institution. They dedicate themselves to meeting the educational needs of a developing multicultural society. The institution is committed to preparing students academically and professionally to meet the ever-evolving employment requirements of business, industry, public service organizations, and medical support agencies. They aspire to help students flourish in a highly advanced and expanding technological community.

Brookline College Online Learning

At Brookline College, you can learn from anywhere with an Internet connection. They understand that time and personal responsibilities can sometimes become obstacles that can keep you from reaching your goals. That’s why we offer online education and online degree and diploma programs. Using technology, they aim to give you the flexibility to fit your education into your busy lifestyle at your convenience.

Online college courses allow you to pursue your education without having to attend classes at a campus. Lessons, discussions and assignments are all transmitted and accessed electronically via the Internet. Students can also access the Library/Learning Resource Center’s electronic resources for research. Furthermore, technical assistance is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Brookline College Potential Programs Available

Brookline college’s programs are career-focused. They’re designed to prepare students to thrive in the work world, by emphasizing the skills and knowledge relevant to entry-level employment in that field. And if you’re already a professional, Brookline College's online classes could offer the flexibility you need to balance your degree with your work schedule.

Programs you could choose from include the following.

  • Health Care: Brookline College offers a variety of health care programs. These include medical laboratory science, physical therapist assistant, dentist assistant, dialysis, medical assistant, medical billing, patient care, phlebotomy technician, and even surgical technology. Allied health, health care administration, and medical billing and coding are even offered fully online.
  • Business: Want to break into the corporate world? Brookline offers online and on campus programs. You could pursue degrees like accounting and management, at the associates and bachelors level. Programs emphasize professional skills relevant to organizations of all shapes and sizes, from large corporations to entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Nursing: The Brookline college nursing program incorporates not one but three different options, which may appeal to nurses at different levels of experience. Options include Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs, RN to BSN programs for nurses who have already become licensed and work in the field. They also offer BSN programs for students who have already earned an unrelated bachelors degree.
  • Legal Studies: If you’re motivated to learn more about the legal system, and how you could get involved, Brookline might have programs for you. Associate and bachelors degree programs might be available in either criminal justice or paralegal studies.

Not all programs may be available on all campuses or online. Additionally, not all programs may be offered at every degree level. If you’re looking for a specific program and degree, or want to learn more about what is offered through a certain location or online, visit the website or reach out to the school for details.

Brookline College Campus Locations

Online study may be a convenient, flexible option, but what if you prefer to learn in the classroom? Studying on campus could not only afford you the physical resources you find there, such as the library and its resources. You’d also have the opportunity to interact with your peers and professors in person, and even network with other current and future professionals in your program.

Brookline College has local campus locations in four cities in Arizona and New Mexico.

  • Brookline College Phoenix AZ
  • Brookline College Tempe AZ
  • Brookline College Tucson AZ
  • Brookline College Albuquerque NM

Each location may have unique qualities, from the faculty there to the classes and programs offered, to the facilities themselves.

Applying to Brookline College

Brookline knows their students are eager to earn their degree and begin their career as soon as they can. That’s why they try and make the application process as smooth and simple as they can. So you can apply, and start your program fast.

Admissions counselors can help you figure out the specific paperwork and other documentation you might need to submit, whether you’re fresh out of high school, have been working for a while, or even are a military veteran. They could also answer any questions you might have about the school.

Specific admissions requirements may vary depending on the type of program you want to enroll in, and other factors. Applicants must either be 18 years old, legally emancipated, or provide proof of parent or guardian consent.

Non-citizens may be asked for additional paperwork such as visa or passport information, proof of English language proficiency, and proof of financial support. Applicants must also provide proof of high school or secondary school graduation.

Financial Aid

Brookline knows many students might need help either paying for school, or even just understanding what their options are. Brookline College’s financial aid staff is dedicated to making that process a little clearer.

Students might rely on:

  • federal financial aid programs
  • private loans and grants
  • and even merit-based regional and national scholarships

Brookline By The Numbersi

What’s it really like at Brookline? That depends a little on where you go. Each campus location may have a unique campus culture, resources, and programs. To give you a basic idea, here’s some information about the Phoenix, Arizona, campus undergraduate program.

  • Brookline College Phoenix AZ has 27 full time and 17 part time faculty, all of which are instructional.
  • 73% of students enrolled full time.
  • 80% of students are identified as female.
  • It’s a relatively diverse campus, with 38% of students being White, 28% Hispanic/Latinx, 17% Black, 6% American Indian or Alaskan, 4% Asian, and 4% multi-ethnic or multi-racial.
  • 63% of students are over the age of 25.
  • The retention rate is 62%.
  • The graduation rate is 39%.
  • 33% of undergraduate students are enrolled exclusively in online distance education, with 18% enrolled in at least some distance education.

Brookline College Accreditation

Brookline College’s Phoenix, Tucson, Tempe, and Albuquerque campuses are accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) to award diplomas, associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees.  The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools is listed as a nationally recognized accrediting agency by the United States Department of Education and is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

Brookline College is licensed in Arizona by the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education; in New Mexico by the New Mexico Higher Education Department; and in Oklahoma by the Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools.

If you have questions about what your options are, or just need to understand the tuition and financial aid process a little more, contact Brookline College online. 

Why Consider Attending Brookline College Online

Brookline College takes pride in helping their students. In fact, that extends even beyond graduation! In addition to the hands-on experience offered in Brookline College programs, students could take advantage of valuable career services. After all, Brookline doesn’t just want students to start out on the right foot. They want to help them continue finding success.

Some of the supportive career services you might find include the following.

  • Help writing and revising your resume
  • Interview techniques, training and practice
  • Help identifying job openings
  • Advice on sending resumes to employers
  • Help scheduling interviews
  • Opportunities to meet employers at career fairs
  • Opportunities to meet and learn from employers as guest speakers

These types of services may not only be open to current students. Brookline College Alumni might also take advantage! Brookline College does not guarantee that anyone will be hired or paid a certain amount. However, they do guarantee that they’ll do their best to help you find a job.

Learn More About Brookline College Online and Campus Programs

Want to learn more about Brookline College? Read more on the school website, or better yet, get in touch by filling out the contact form. You could request information, or even schedule a meeting or campus visit or apply!

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