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Bryan University Online is a private, for-profit school that offers associates degrees, bachelors degrees, and masters degrees. It has on-campus programs, but the majority of its students pursue their degrees online at the associates degree level.

Bryan University online has four locations: Tempe, AZ (where its online programs are housed); Los Angeles, CA; Sacramento, CA; San Diego, CA; and North York, Ontario, Canada. Each of its locations offers its own array of degrees. Some examples of what different locations offer include:

  • An associates degree in court reporting (Los Angeles)

  • Applied health certificates or degrees in areas such as medical office assistant, massage therapy, nail and pedicure technician, and eyelash certification (North York, Ontario, Canada)

  • Numerous programs in health, law, and business (Online, but housed in Tempe, AZ)

  • Bryan University also heads the California Flight Academy where students can earn a pilot’s license (San Diego, CA)

Bryan University History

Bryan University started in 1940 as the Bryan Stenotype School. It was founded by Dr. Mildred T. Bryan, who was devoted to developing and advancing the court reporting industry. Originally, it was a one-classroom, three-student stenography school located in central Los Angeles. Over time, the Bryan Stenotype School evolved into Bryan College, which embraced student- and employer-driven principles of excellence. In 2005, Bryan College expanded to offer new degree programs that aligned with its historical desire to help students develop marketable, employment-focused skills. Most recently, Bryan College became Bryan University when it started offering graduate programs in e-Discovery and Health Informatics.i 

Bryan University Online Mission

Bryan University focuses on delivering to students the knowledge and practical productive skills they need to begin professional careers. The schools strives to cultivate students who are hired by employers because they are dedicated, intelligent, and immediately productive in the workplace. Bryan envisions itself as positioned in the higher education spectrum as unique, respected, and worthy of emulation.i 

Bryan University’s mission is to have students take the high road to success, using vision, focus, acceleration, and triumph as drivers along the path. Bryan envisions those four drivers in the following 5 ways:

  1. Clear Vision. At the forefront of Bryan's vision is the self-imposed requirement that students receive an experiential education that truly puts them in front of the line. They’ve developed specific strategies with innovative execution to bring this vision to life.

  2. Precise Focus. They’ve honed our focus to ensure the highest level of learning using multimedia, real-time interactive coaching environments. They offer state-of-the-art, online classrooms.

  3. Accelerate Learning. They deliver an accelerated learning environment via curricula that leads directly to practical and productive skills. They’re empowering students to learn according to their unique capacities and speed by focusing on individualized learning styles, reinforcement loops, and dashboard feedback.

  4. Triumph Together. When Bryan's students succeed, Bryan succeeds. They’re connecting students to experienced faculty who are experts in their fields. Bryan understands that we’re all in this together.

  5. Bryan believes that when the pathway is clear, success follows. From admissions through classroom learning and on to productive employment, it’s Bryan's mission to provide students with the tools they'll need to navigate the pathway.

What Makes Bryan University Unique

Bryan University exists to provide students with the education and skills they need to pursue jobs in the workforce. The school strives to establish degrees suited for the job market and tailored toward what employers need. Faculty members are often industry experts and various services and resources help students develop a portfolio and professional network.

Consistent with its goals, the school has what it calls the “Bryan University Difference,” which includes the following:ii

  • Learning by Doing

  • Gaining practical, Hands-On Training from Experts

  • Connecting with Experienced, Caring Faculty

  • Focusing on Employment, Not Just a Degree

  • Returning for Refresher Classes, and Staying Fine-Tuned

Bryan University Tuition

In the 2016-2017 school year, undergraduate students paid an estimated $13,975 for tuition. This was up by 17 percent from the year before. Students paid an additional estimated $220 for books and supplies. That same year, graduate students paid an estimated $13,850 for tuition. They paid an additional $50 in fees.iii

Bryan University Online Financial Aid

Ninety-four percent of full-time beginning undergraduate students, or 342 students, received grants, scholarships, and loans to attend Bryan University in 2015-2016. Of those students, 88 percent, or 320 students, received grant or scholarship aid. That same percentage of students received federal student loans. On average, each student receiving aid received $4,621 in grant or scholarship aid and $9,394 in federal student loan aid.iii

Of all undergraduate students, including transfer students, 73 percent received grant or scholarship aid and 82 percent received federal student loan aid.iii

Bryan University Admissions and Application Process

For specific admissions and application information, prospective students can contact Bryan University for information. The school offers three ways to inquire about admissions and application requirements: by phone, by digital form, and by setting up an account to apply.

While there are different admissions and application requirements for each type of program, there are five general steps all applicants will take:

  1. Complete a career interview on campus or online with the admissions office.

  2. Complete an application for admission.

  3. Complete an entrance assessment or evaluation

  4. Meet with a financial aid officer from Bryan College and apply for financial aid if applicable

  5. Complete enrollment paperwork and pay an application or registration fee

Bryan University Online Enrollment

In fall 2016, Bryan University had 1,489 undergraduate students. One hundred percent of them attended classes full-time. Seventy-eight percent of those students were aged 25 years or older, and 98 percent were enrolled entirely in online education. Just two percent of all undergraduate students attended classes entirely on campus.iii

Bryan University Online Majors

During the 2015-2016 school year, Bryan University offered undergraduate programs in three areas: health, law, and recreation. Within those areas, the most common major for students earning associates degrees was athletic training. After that, the most popular majors were medical insurance coding, legal assisting, and court reporting. For students earning bachelor's degrees, athletic training was the most popular major.iii

Bryan University Faculty

Bryan University employed 38 full-time faculty members in fall 2016 and 45 part-time faculty members. Of the full-time faculty, 37 focused on instruction. Just one focused on research. Bryan University did not utilize graduate assistants that year. The student to teacher ratio that same year was 28 to 1.iii

Bryan University Accreditation

Bryan University was once accredited by The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACCSC). However, on December 12, 2016, the Department of Education ceased to recognize the ACCSC and gave Bryan University 18 months to obtain new accreditation. As of November, 2017, Bryan University was seeking accreditation from the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. Its application was in process. Prospective students can inquire about Bryan University’s accreditation through the school hotline at 866-978-9476.iv

Bryan University Reviews

On GradReports, six people reviewed Bryan University. Five of those people gave the school five stars; one gave it three stars. All six recommended Bryan University.vOn Bryan University’s Facebook page, 64 reviewers gave the school five stars, 11 gave the school four stars, and 7 gave the school one star. Based on those reviews Bryan University has a 4.5 star average on its own Facebook Bryan University is not ranked or reviewed by U.S. News.

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