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The Center for Integrative Health is committed to improving the quality of health and wellness care in the United States by providing education to individuals about integrative health and to helping people lead healthier lives.

Integrative medicine is an approach to healthcare that blends conventional medicine with complementary, evidence-based treatments and therapies. It is used widely in the United States, yet there are few regionally accredited institutions committed to the initial degree preparation and continuing professional education and training of healthcare professionals and practitioners in this field. This is the knowledge gap that the National University System Center for Integrative Health will fill.

The Center provides continuing education courses in complementary and alternative medicine for nurses and other allied health professionals. As interest in integrative practice expands, and patients in traditional healthcare environments arrive with backgrounds and experience in alternative treatments, it is becoming incumbent on members of the medical profession to continue their education in integrative health. The Center is meeting this need by providing health professionals with ongoing education to enhance their health and wellness education development.

The Center, in response to the growing interest in holistic and alternative approaches to patients, provides accredited online continuing education programs in integrative treatments and practice to nurses and other health professionals. These are self-paced, online courses. Each course runs for four weeks. Students who successfully complete all course requirements receive four contact hours.

The areas covered by the courses include:

  • Spirituality and Health
  • Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Bodywork Healing Therapies
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Cultural Competence in Healthcare

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