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Daymar College has been dedicated to providing an effective, career-focused education to its students since its inception in 1963. With a range of options for campus and online study, vocational and degree programs, Daymar works to meet the needs of every student. Students could pursue a range of passions, including business, healthcare, technology, and criminal justice, just to name a few. Daymar College online or on-campus programs are designed to support you. They offer the balance of technical skills and theoretical skills students might need in the real world, not to mention the flexibility to accommodate both full time students and working professionals.

Daymar College Online

Daymar has been offering online education alongside its campus programs since 2008. Today, students at Daymar College Online could earn vocational diplomas, associates, or bachelors degrees, from the comfort of their own homes and laptops. In fact, online students can earn the same degrees that are offered on campus!

Daymar online classes are accessible via the students’ own laptops, at their convenience. Students can complete their coursework each week on their own schedules. What does that mean for you? It means your education can work for you and your life, rather than forcing you to sacrifice your job or family obligations in order to achieve your goals.

About Daymar College Online Programs

While Daymar College was founded in 1963, the school can actually trace its roots all the way back to 1879, when its Tennessee campus opened its doors as Draughton’s Business College. Like the Daymar College you know and love today, Daymar was dedicated to offering students a career-minded education to help them thrive. Daymar now offers more than just business, though, helping students prepare for potential careers in a number of in-demand fields.

The Daymar College Mission

Daymar College wants to change the lives of its students, and they dedicate themselves to achieving that goal every day. Daymar believes in doing this by providing a supportive, welcoming atmosphere, where all students have the resources they need to learn. Daymar strives to ensure the education they provide is both relevant and practical, meaning students spend their time honing the skills and building the expertise they’ll actually need once they enter the work force, and throughout their lives.

Overall, Daymar strives:

  • To provide the education and training to help students develop the specialized career skills they’ll need on the job, and enable students to reach their potential
  • To foster in its students social responsibility and community mindedness, to inform their actions now and as future leaders
  • To provide meaningful career support to each student and assist them in finding gainful entry-level employment once they graduate

Daymar College Columbus OH

Potential students in Ohio might be interested in attending classes in an on-campus or blended program in Daymar College’s Columbus location. Students in Ohio who want to take classes on campus might choose any of the following types of programs:

  • Business Management
  • Criminal Justice
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Massage Therapy

Studying in a program based in the Columbus campus could be the flexible, local option you’re looking for to prepare for your career while still getting that face-to-face experience.

Daymar College Tennessee Locations

Students living in Tennessee have several options for local study, if they prefer to study on campus or partially online. Each campus is designed to offer personalized attention and meet the needs of the students in that community.

Students studying at one of Dayton’s Tennessee campus locations may choose from a wide array of programs related to business, healthcare, wellness, and criminal justice. Specific programs may vary by campus, and may also be offered fully online. For more information about what programs are offered at the campus nearest you, get in touch with them.

Tennessee campus locations may be found at:

  • Dayton College Nashville TN
  • Dayton Institute Murfreesboro TN
  • Dayton Institute Clarksville TN

Daymar College Bowling Green KY

Daymar College students based in Kentucky might consider taking classes at the Bowling Green campus. Dayton College Bowling Green offers several degree and diploma options in the following areas:

  • Business
  • Health Care
  • Criminal Justice
  • Technology and Design

Additionally, Kentucky students might be supported by the online program. For more information about these programs or what might be offered at Bowling Green in the future, reach out to Daymar College with your questions.

Daymar College Programs

Because Daymar College is committed to helping its students succeed in their careers, they strive to offer the types of programs that employers are looking for—and in those programs, teach the skills that professionals might need. These programs may range from diplomas all the way to bachelors degrees. Each program is supported by a range of services to enhance that educational experience—not to mention personal attention from the instructors.


Daymar has its roots in business education. After all, they’ve been offering it since they came into being! Online and campus students interested in a career in business might pursue one of three subject areas:

  • Accounting: Have a flair for numbers and organization? The Daymar accounting program provides specialized education to build these skills. This includes computerized accounting, payroll, management accounting, income tax accounting, as well as general business skills and finance knowledge.
  • Business Management: This program focuses on fostering the business savvy, communication and organizational skills to be a leader, both on the job and throughout your life. Students could work toward a diploma or associates degree. The curriculum includes topics such as business law, personnel management, small business management, and supervision. Plus, the program is designed to supplement classroom learning with hands on experience, ensuring you have the practical skills to back up your expertise.
  • Human Resources Management: If you’re a people person, human resources management might be for you. Students might build skills around effective recruitment and onboarding, fostering healthy workplace environments, training, and more. Some courses you might take include employment law, business communication, accounting and payroll, and interviewing.

Criminal justice

Students interested in studying criminal justice at Daymar College could earn a diploma or an associates degree. The programs are designed to support students interested in careers in law enforcement, juvenile criminal justice, court administration, corrections, and more. Courses in the curriculum may include computer applications, police reporting, victimology, ethics in criminal justice, criminal investigations, and more.


Daymar provides training at the diploma, associates, and bachelors degree level for a variety of health care related careers, in both clinical and administrative settings. These include:

  • Billing & Coding Specialist
  • Nursing
  • Nursing RN to BSN (for professional nurses already working in the field to earn their bachelors)
  • Cardiographic Technology
  • Health Care Administration
  • Medical Technology
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy Technology
  • Dental Assisting
  • Physical Therapy Assisting

For more information about each of these programs, as well as additional training or licensure you might need to obtain, and how that relates to your curriculum, get in touch with Daymar College.


Fascinatated by technology, and want to dedicate your career to something computer-related? Daymar College supports that in more ways than one! Beyond the obvious—that is, the opportunity for online learning, using that technology as your medium for learning—students can also choose from among a few different technology majors.

  • Graphic Design: Bring together your tech savvy and your flair for creativity in a graphic design program! Based in Kentucky, the Graphic Design Program works toward an associate degree. In addition to artistic principles and digital media, you may also learn to use professional software like Dreamweaver, Photoshop, In Design, FrontPage and Visual Basic. Then there’s the opportunities to expand your portfolio, and even hone your interview skills.
  • Network Support Administration: Nearly every workplace uses computers. That makes network support administration both versatile and essential in many contexts! Studying Network Support Administration, you could earn an associate of science. Several options for study may be available. Courses might look at IT infrastructure, networking, communication skills, administering different types of servers, and more.

Truck Driving

Want a career on the road? The Daymar Truck Driving Academy offers a CDL training program to help you prepare to earn your license and prepare for the reality of truck driving in multiple contexts. You would get the opportunity to practice with experienced instructors, leaning all about safe driving practices, the challenges you might face on the road, and more.

Massage Therapy

Daymar College’s Medical Massage Therapy program is designed to prepare aspiring massage therapists to treat clients in a variety of care settings and modalities. These include Swedish, hot stone massage, sports medicine, pre-natal massage, and hydrotherapy. Students may also have the opportunity to learn about the history and traditions (both Eastern and Western) behind massage practices. This is only offered at the Nashville location.

How to Apply to Daymar College

Daymar College strives to make the admissions process as straightforward and simple as possible. After all, they’re here to educate their students, not put up barriers to getting that education! Generally, this is how the application process works:

  1. Schedule your interview with your admissions representative
  2. Complete an admissions evaluation
  3. Complete your application to attend and enrollment contract
  4. Provide proof of high school diploma, GED, or other equivalent credential
  5. Attend and complete your new student orientation!

Financial Aid at Daymar

Make sure you speak with admissions and financial aid to find out about your options for funding your education. In addition to federal student aid, for which your eligibility is determined through your FAFSA, you may have a few institutional aid options to take some of the load off.

Scholarships Daymar students might qualify for include:

  • Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarships (KEES)
  • Academic Scholarship
  • Commonwealth Scholarship
  • Presidential Scholarship
  • Director’s Scholarship
  • Advantage Scholarship
  • Alumni Scholarship

The award amount and qualifications for each of these scholarships may vary. Other options may also be available to help. This includes work study options. Daymar also maintains relationships with certain local corporations near some campus locations. Follow up with admissions for more information.

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