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Each year, hundreds of professionals who want to sharpen their existing skills, develop new skills, and enhance their understanding of hospitality management participate in executive education programs from Cornell's School of Hotel Administration. eCornell has worked hand-in-hand with the School of Hotel Administration to adapt its renowned Professional Development Series for convenient online delivery.

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eCornell: Ivy League Excellence, Online Convenience

Learning happens through interaction and collaboration—a dynamic, creative process that involves the exchange of ideas, not simply the accumulation of facts. In eCornell courses you interact with an expert instructor and a cohort of your peers to collectively develop knowledge, and to effectively apply that knowledge in your organization.

You are also connected to the knowledge and resources of Cornell University, a leading global research university. eCornell courses offer embedded "Ask the Expert" interviews, online access to library reference guides, and additional professional and executive education opportunities at Cornell.

Courses are authored and designed with one or more Cornell faculty member, using the most current and relevant case studies, research, and content. This patent-pending approach to problem-based learning means that you are building knowledge and skills using online case studies, interactive exercises, and simulations based on authentic, relevant, and "real-world," situations.

eCornell courses provide the convenience of structure and flexibility with new course sections starting every month, round-the-clock/round-the-world access to course materials, online and telephone customer support, and dedicated online instructors.

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