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Ellis University Opportunity Grant

Ellis University strives to provide the best quality education to career-oriented adults and now we're confident that Ellis is providing the best value in advanced education as well. The Ellis University Opportunity Grant, a generous new financial assistance program, can cut the cost of our standard tuition in half. The program is in the spirit of President Obama's vision to rejuvenate America's competitiveness and prosperity through improved college access and affordability.

Ellis University Opportunity Grant funding is available to any new or continuing student for course work, and is automatically renewed each semester provided the student remains in good standing.

To find out more about Ellis University, its degree programs and how much you can reduce your cost of education with the Ellis University Opportunity Grant, click the link below.

Flexibility With an Advanced Learning Platform

Ellis University's online classes provide the flexibility you need to fit an education into your busy schedule. All of our courses are 100% available 24/7, with no fixed class times. School's in session whenever you're ready to learn — just complete your work by the deadlines set in your course syllabus. Ellis' online campus is one of the best anywhere, built upon a unique software platform. It's easy to navigate with powerful features to make learning come to life, and it is rated superior by those who have tried other online schools. At Ellis, you'll be guided through your courses by faculty who are experts in their field and work in the real world so you learn, first-hand, how things are really done, rather than just abstract theories. You'll be able to use what you learn immediately and for the rest of your life.

Ellis Builds Upon Your Strengths and Learning Style

You have a unique learning style. That's why you should choose a school that builds upon your strengths. Ellis University provides students with customized tools and services, rather than a one-size fits all academic approach. That means you'll reach your goals faster — learning on your own terms, growing your skills quickly so you can get ahead in your career.


Ellis University concentrates on providing a superior education to career-oriented students seeking professional advancement and personal achievement. Initial requirements:

  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Completed the equivalent of 12 college credits
  • For military active duty, reserves and veterans, Ellis also considers:
    • ACE Transcript
    • AARTS Transcript
    • SMARTS Transcript
    • CLEP Subject Tests
    • DANTES Subject Tests
  • TOEFL may also be required

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