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About Everglades University Online

Everglades University is an accredited not-for-profit, private university that offers Bachelor's and Master's degree programs that prepare students to advance in their current or future fields of study. Everglades University online combines small class sizes, innovative degree programs, and convenient scheduling to accommodate working students and adult learners.

Undergraduate students take one class at a time and complete each class in just one month. Graduate students can complete just two classes within an eight week time period. This concentrated approach permits students to focus on each subject and enhance their overall learning experience. Additionally, Everglades University offers flexible class schedules.* Small class sizes allow for individualized attention and greater interaction between the students and faculty. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Everglades University Online
Everglades University Online Courses

All degree programs are offered 100% online through the Boca Raton Main Campus.

Online students have access to all of the many Everglades University's resources:

  • bookstore
  • on-campus libraries
  • application process
  • enrollment and registration procedures
  • financial aid information
  • tuition and fee information
  • course schedules and outlines
  • course demonstrations
  • faculty information and an e-mail directory
  • online academic advising
  • technical support through e-mail or telephone

Everglades University Online Degree Programs

Everglades University online programs are designed by qualified faculty and staff to create an interesting and interactive learning environment. The virtual classroom is a comfortable one; courses can be taken easily by anyone with Internet access. Lesson plans, assignments, and class schedules are posted online; while student/teacher interaction and student/student interaction also will occur over the Internet. Scheduled discussions, e-mail messages, live chats, and real-time group discussions are a few of the opportunities for interacting during your online course.

Graduates of the online degree programs earn the same course credits and degrees as those students who complete equivalent courses and programs on campus.

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