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The Forbes School of Business and Technology offers students the cutting-edge business education they want, the support they need, and all in a flexible online package. With twenty five bachelors and masters programs to offer, whether you’re just setting out on your career path or have the business savvy of an experienced professional, Forbes could have the program for you. And best of all, your degree program would have the support, reputation and experience of Ashford University, together with Forbes Media.

About Forbes School of Business and Technology

The Forbes School of Business at Ashford University, formerly Ashford Business School, makes a mission of preparing tomorrow’s business leaders for success. That’s why Ashford University joined forces with Forbes Media in 2013: to ensure that business students with passion like yours have access to the resources and expertise they need to thrive.

Forbes School of Business and Technology know that learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom. In fact, in today’s world, it might not take place in the physical classroom at all! Forbes aims to meet those challenges head on, not just by providing top notch online education, but also by providing the resources you need to supplement those courses. For example, students have access to the Forbes Distinguished Speaker series, enabling them to hear what some of the best in their fields have to say. And that’s not all. Students also have access to professional networking groups outside the digital classroom, giving them the chance to make real, lasting, valuable professional connections as soon as possible.

And if that’s not enough? Forbes also strives to ensure that the education they provide their students is the best it can be. That’s why they rely on their Board of Advisors, made up of some of the best and most successful business leaders out there, all lending their expertise and advocacy. So you could rest assured that your school would be doing everything it could to provide you with the most effective, relevant education they can.

About Ashford University

Ashford University is an online university, made up of five schools (including the honors college), ten departments, and sixty six degree programs ranging from associates to masters. The school was founded in 1918 in Clinton, Iowa, under the name Mount St. Clare College. At the time, they were a women’s liberal arts college known for educating teachers in the surrounding area. Almost ninety years later, the school has evolved into the Ashford University you know today. They’ve focused exclusively on online education since 2016.

Today, Ashford is guided by their key institutional values:

  • Empowerment: Ashford wants their students to be successful. What’s more, they want their students to graduate with the confidence they need to chase that success—not to mention the knowledge, tools, and experience they need to find it.
  • Ingenuity: Ashford University doesn’t just strive to demonstrate ingenuity themselves—though they certainly do, and Forbes School of Business is only one example of that—they also aim to empower their students to do it themselves, through creativity, problem solving, and innovation in their fields.
  • Guidance: Ashford aims to be there for their students, in every way they can. They bring their nurturing classroom environment to you, wherever you are. With personable, experienced faculty, career guidance, and academic support, students could find all the guidance they need.
  • Quality: Ashford strives to provide a top-notch education. That means constantly improving their programs. They rely not only on the experience of their faculty, but also on the input and guidance of some of the best professionals in their fields, to ensure they’re exceeding expectations.

Why Study Online at Forbes School of Business

Earning your degree online isn’t just about convenience—though that’s admittedly a big part of it. Forbes is designed for people like you, who, despite their busy lives, are driven to improve themselves and get ahead. That’s why it’s online. So you can take your classes with you to the office, home, the kids’ soccer practice, whatever. Forbes School of Business and Technology is designed to work for you, in your life, whatever that looks like.

Forbes, together with Ashford University, does this in a few different ways.

  • The Technology: There’s no question that technology is a huge component of online learning. Having access to the tools you need is a key to your success. By providing access to the technology you need, Forbes aims to eliminate unnecessary barriers to learning. For example, students get free access to Microsoft Office 365, and access to textbooks through a digital platform. You’d also have access to Waypoint, to keep track of your rubrics, get proofreading help, and even turn in your assignments. And on top of all that, you’d get the benefit of 24/7 tech support for when something goes wrong.
  • The Communication: In an online program, students and teachers might be spread out across the country, each working on their own schedules. So it’s crucial to maintain an open line of communication, to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible. At Forbes, you’ll have access to a student portal designed for exactly that. You’ll be able to access important paperwork and financial aid information, use valuable learning tools, and receive important news and updates from the university. And in your digital classroom, you’ll be able to communicate with your professors, see when grades are updated, and more.
  • The Classroom: In the online space, the classroom is more than a room. It’s a tool and an experience all in one. As a Forbes student, you’ll share your digital classroom with your peers and instructors. You’ll have access to a course calendar, instruction materials, and grades. You’ll be able to connect with your peers, engage in class discussions, and ask for the help you need! And best of all, it’s not limited to a physical space, so you can use those resources wherever you have your laptop and an internet connection.
  • The Mobility: In today’s world, life is lived on the go. There’s work, home, friends and family—we’re constantly moving. Luckily, you’ll be able to take your Forbes classes with you. In addition to your laptop, you’ll be able to use the Ashford mobile app. You’ll also be able to access your textbooks on the Constellation app, check your school email, and do your coursework wherever it works for you.

Forbes School of Business Online Programs

If you’re motivated to become one of tomorrow’s business leaders—or if you’re already a leader today—Forbes School of Business and Technology might just have the program for you. If you’re studying at the undergrad level, Forbes offers twenty different options to earn your Bachelor of Arts. You could study:

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Business Economics
  • Business Information Systems
  • Business Leadership
  • Consumer and Family Financial Services
  • eMarketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Human Resources Management
  • International Business
  • Operations Management & Analysis
  • Organizational Management
  • Project Management
  • Public Administration
  • Public Relations and Marketing
  • Real Estate Studies
  • Service Management
  • Sports and Recreation Management
  • Supply Chain Management

Already have your bachelors degree? Earn your masters at Forbes in one of these five programs.

  • Master of Arts in Organizational Management
  • Master of Accountancy
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Information Systems Management
  • Master of Public Administration (MPA)

How to Apply

Applying to Forbes School of Business and Technology is designed to be as seamless as possible—just like the education you’ll get once accepted! Generally, this is what the process looks like.

  1. Talk to your advisor: An Ashford University Enrollment Advisor will be there to help you kick off the application process. They’ll be able to help you figure out what information you need, and explain what you need to do. Not sure what you want to study? You’ll need to select a program on your application, so your advisor could also help you narrow down your options and choose one based on your interests. And if that’s not for you? You can always change your major later.
  2. Fill out your online application: During this step, you’ll fill out information about your previous experience, education, and other pertinent information. You’ll also need to authorize a transcript request so the school can request your official transcripts from your previous schools.
  3. Processing the application: This step is more active on the school’s end than yours. Your advisor will keep in touch to alert you of any updates or actions you might need to take. Once you’ve received your acceptance, you’ll be able to access your student portal and start getting ready for class.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

As a student, you might be eligible for financial aid such as subsidized and unsubsidized loans, Pell Grants, and more. This may vary on a case by case basis. Eligibility is determined by the type of program you’re enrolling in, your personal financial background, and your FAFSA. If you have questions about this, your advisor may be able to point you in the right direction.

Additionally, you may be eligible for a scholarship. Ashford University offers a variety of scholarship options, each with unique criteria. In particular, the Forbes School of Business and Technology offers two business-related scholarships:

  • Senior Project Scholarship
  • Entrepreneurial Scholarship

For more information about the requirements for each of these and how to apply, visit the website or ask your advisor for more details.

Ashford & Forbes School of Business Accreditation

Ashford University is accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission, a regional accrediting body. Additionally, business programs in Forbes School of Business and Technology have received specialized accreditation on an individual basis from International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).

Ashford is also a member of The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), and uses CAEL’s framework and best practices to inform how they design and deliver their programs.

For more information about these and other accreditations, recognitions, and organizational memberships, see the website or reach out to the school for details.

Learn More about Forbes School of Business and Technology

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