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Grantham University Online wants you to be excited about your online learning experience and come away with a quality education that ignites a potentially successful career. Grantham University Online promises that they’ll do everything within their power to reach this goal, beginning with comprehensive support, simplified enrollment, affordable tuition rates, convenient 100% Grantham online courses format, and targeted online Grantham University degree programs.

Grantham University Online Programs

What Are Students Saying About Grantham University Online?

Speaking with faculty members and admissions counselors could give you a good idea of what it’s like to attend GU. But, it could also be great to hear from its students as well! Below are a few stats about how current and past GU students view their school.

  • 41.7% of Grantham graduates are pursuing a secondary degree with the university.
  • 93.3% of students would recommend Grantham to a friend.
  • 95.8% of students are satisfied with their Grantham University online studies.
  • 94.2% of students said they achieved their learning goals.

Grantham Online Enrollment

As of 2015, 11,721 students were enrolled in Grantham University. 9,905 students were enrolled in undergraduate studies. Of this student body, 51% were male and 49% were female. 65% of the undergraduate student body attended classes full-time, while 35% chose to pursue them part-time.

It’s important to note that the majority of GU undergraduate students are adult learners. 87% of enrolled undergrads in 2015 were 25 years old or over. Only 13% of students are 24 years old or younger. This could be a welcoming atmosphere for students to return to their education later in life.

The remaining 1,816 students were enrolled in graduate programs. 76% of graduate students attended Grantham University online classes full-time and 24% chose to do so part-time.i

Grantham University Online Admissions

Grantham University has an open undergraduate admission policy. This means that there are no minimum requirements for things like high or undergraduate GPA. Or, SAT and ACT exam scores. The low-pressure application process could be great way to kick-off your return to education.

While there may be no minimum requirements, you may be asked to submit academic materials like transcripts. The submission could demonstrate your previous education history as well as knowledge you might have gained outside of the classroom in your professional life. By doing this, admissions providers could help pair you with an appropriate program that helps you work towards your personal academic goals.

For undergraduate applications, students may be asked to submit the following materials.

  • Proof of high school graduation or equivalent
  • Approved funding plan

Individual programs may have additional requirements. Speak with an admissions adviser for more information.

Graduate students may be asked to submit a 2.5 or higher undergraduate or graduate GPA depending on your desired degree level.  Applicants with a GPA lower than 2.5 may be able to still apply by filling out a GPA waiver form. By doing this, the Dean or Chair of your desired program evaluates your application. This way, they could weigh your previous academic achievements and other offerings.

As part of your application, GU may require graduate students to submit the following.

  • College or university transcripts
  • Military transcripts where applicable

GRE exam scores may not be required.

The Grantham University Online Experience

Grantham University is an online learning university with no physical campus. This means that 100% of the student body only takes part in distance education.i This model was designed specifically with army veterans and acting servicemembers in mind. Since your classes are entirely digital, you could be log in to them wherever you have internet access to attend Grantham University online courses. This could be from the comfort of your own home or wherever you’re deployed.

From the minute you step through Grantham’s virtual door, you could be enveloped by exceptional student support— admissions reps and financial aid advisors to get you off on the right foot; a dedicated student advisor team to proactively be at your side throughout your degree program; and, exceptional instructors, adept at sharing both book knowledge and real-world, practical experience you could apply to your potential future career. Top it off with the Student Success Partners (SSP) program, Student Advising and Learning Center (SALC) and indispensable Career Center, and you may have a full circle of attentive, one-on-one support.

Grantham University Financial Aid

As a low-cost tuition leader, Grantham believes that cost should not get in the way of your education. GU’s low tuition rate and scholarship opportunities are a part of their mission to help ease the financial strain college education may sometimes cause. GU carefully evaluates external training and coursework for possible credit in an effort to minimize the cost of education and shorten your time to graduation.

91% of full-time, beginning undergraduate students at GU received financial aid in 2014-2015. This translate to around 1,625 receiving aid when they began pursuing their education at GU. 88% of students who received aid did so through a scholarship or grant. Below are a list of grants and aids students were awarded, as well as the median amount provided.

  • Federal grants, $4,289
  • Institutional grants or scholarships, $342

71% of students also received student loan aid. Students who took out student loans typically did so via federal lending agencies. These students received a median amount of $7,937.i

The Online Faculty at GU

In 2015, Grantham University employed 44 full-time and 321 part-time faculty members. 100% of faculty members devoted their time solely to teaching. This means that no class time is taken away for professors to conduct outside research or public service works.

By doing this, GU helps ensure that students receive the focused attention of their professors. More face-time with professors could enhance students’ overall academic experience, especially online. Not to mention, this teaching model could also help them build a report with a potential educational adviser or industry contact.

Speaking of faculty members, it’s also important to note that 100% of professors at GU are dedicated to distance learning. Since Grantham University has no physical campus, its faculty are wholly concentrated on their digital classrooms. Unlike other online programs, this means that professors aren’t split between their campus courses and online ones.

Lastly, potential students should be aware that Grantham University online does not hire graduate assistants. Classes are only taught by professors and not delegate to students in the graduate program.

Grantham University Accreditation

Grantham University is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). The DEAC is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency and is a recognized member of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

Grantham University Online Degree Programs

Grantham University’s 100% online format could offer you the ability to choose when and where you study – making learning possible regardless of your rigorous work and family life. If you travel frequently for business or have to deploy on active duty military service, don’t worry – you could take your electronic classroom and coursework with you.

Combine this flexibility with frequent course starts and eight-week classes, and you may have an online degree program structured around the demands of your busy schedule.

Grantham University online offers 40+ undergraduate and graduate degree programs across several fields of study. Students could choose to pursue some of the following degree programs during their time with GU.

  • Criminal Justice
  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering Technology
  • Nursing and Allied Health
  • Multidisciplinary Studies
  • General Studies

Each degree program is designed to empower you with the knowledge you need to be a leader in your chosen field of study.

Online Bachelors in Business Administration Program

The online bachelors in business administration at Grantham is designed to put student in an active role in the global market. Courses focus on assessing consumer trends and effective decision-making knowledge to help you lead teams, run meetings, and more.

As part of the fundamental program, you could have the chance to take some of the following classes.

  • Business Management
  • Financial & Managerial Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Policy and Strategy
  • E-Commerce

Available classes may differ by year. Speak with department faculty for a more up-to-date course list.

The bachelors in business administration program typically requires students to complete 122 credit hours. Students could potentially earn this degree in 38 months depending upon enrollment.

Business programs at Grantham are accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).

Courses begin weekly. For more information, speak with an admissions counselor.

Graduating from GU

44% of full-time, first-time students who began their studies in 2009 graduated within 150% of their “normal time” of completion. 45% of male students graduated within this period and 39% of female students. These numbers do not account for all students who attended Grantham University online. The graduation statistic does not include the following students.

  • Students who transferred into GU
  • Students who began their program as a part-time student
  • Part-time students

For a more in-depth breakdown, 24% of full-time, first-time students earned a bachelors degree in 4 years. Out of the remaining students, 24% would earn a degree in 5 years and 31% in 6. Again, these numbers do not reflect students who fit the above-mentioned criteria.i

Log-in to Your GU Experience

With this information, you could be ready to jump into a Grantham University online experience! Using these details as a guide, you might be ready to have a real talk about your future with one of GU’s admissions counselors.

While you’re here, you could also browse potential degree programs using the tabs on this page. Click a program for more detailed information about potential courses, program length, and more. This could help you decide on your perfect Grantham University online degree program.

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