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Immaculata University is a Catholic, private, non-profit institution of higher education sponsored by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary whose campus is just 20 miles west of downtown Philadelphia, PA. Since 1920, the University has grown to a major academic university providing over 4,000 men and women with postsecondary educational opportunities each year.  Immaculata University online functions through the College of Lifelong Learning.

The University is structured into three separate and distinctive colleges. The College of Undergraduate Studies has a long and proven track record of educating men and women who seek a Catholic comprehensive residential four-year college experience; the College of LifeLong Learning addresses the needs of undergraduate adult learners through degree programs online and in the classroom, and through various certifications and enrichment courses; and the College of Graduate Studies offers master's and doctoral programs, as well as an array of post-baccalaureate certifications.

To best meet the needs of today's adult students, Immaculata delivers academic offerings ranging from courses online, Web-enhanced courses, and courses in a traditional classroom setting. While most of our academic courses are delivered in traditional-length semesters, Immaculata also offers accelerated degree completion programs.

College of LifeLong Learning (CLL)

The College of LifeLong Learning offers accelerated degree completion programs totally online leading to Bachelor of Arts degrees in Financial Management, Health Care Management, Human Performance Management, and Organization Dynamics. Each major contains a research project that is one of the unique aspects of Immaculata University's Online majors.

The research project is a comprehensive written effort that examines an organizational situation or problem. The project is a four-course sequence with students guided by a faculty mentor through the step-by-step research process that applies theory and practice to a student-selected challenge confronting organizations today. A benefit of this effort is that many students are able to apply the research to improve real world situations in their own work environment.

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Why Choose Immaculata University Online?

Immaculata University combines the two most revolutionary changes in education that have impacted adult learners: accelerated and online courses. Accelerated: the application of the principle of andragogy (the theory of how adults learn) versus pedagogy (the theory of how children learn) results in a shorter time frame; and Online: this mode of class delivery offers tremendous convenience for the student to choose the time and place of learning.

Achievable: Courses in the program are seven weeks in length and are offered sequentially. Students may choose to take additional online courses concurrently to meet liberal arts or elective requirements.

Flexible: Students have the option of starting their online studies in fall, spring, or summer.

Professional: Online courses are facilitated by Immaculata University faculty experienced in online learning principles and using instructional technology to enhance online course delivery.

Constructional: Building on each individual's prior education, online programs are designed for adult learners with some college credits including one course in English Composition. Students may complete all graduation requirements online.

Experiential: With an integrated curriculum, students gain experience in professional writing, critical thinking, and in conducting independent research.

Transferring Credits

CLL's Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) program allows students to earn college credits for prior workplace training, military training, technical/secretarial schools, electronic/computer training, bible schools, adult/evening and non-credit programs, and professional licensures. Credits accepted through CPL program may also include CLEP, DANTES, Excelsior (Regents) exams, and challenge exams arranged through specific academic departments at Immaculata.

The College of LifeLong Learning also has a liberal transfer of credit policy (C or better) from other accredited colleges and universities.

Benefits for Members of the Military

CLL offers a generous discount package to all armed forces personnel. CLL's Online programs give Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve personnel the flexibility to complete a degree program online, and the ability to take advantage of the G.I. Bill and the Yellow Ribbon programs.

Gabriele Library of Immaculata University

The University offers a unique and readily accessible service for students enrolled in courses online. Scanned copy service sends — by way of e-mail — copies of articles that can be found in print periodicals owned by Immaculata to students and adjunct faculty. The purpose of this service is to provide equal access to Immaculata's print periodicals for students and adjunct faculty who would otherwise be unable to obtain these articles due to distance from Immaculata's campus.

Periodical articles that can be obtained through Immaculata's electronic databases are not included in this service as those articles can be accessed online.

Books are not included in Immaculata's scanned copy service. If students or adjunct faculty need a book owned by Immaculata, they should either come to campus to obtain the book or visit their public library to request the book through that library's interlibrary loan system.

Student Reviews

There are many reasons to love Immaculata… The university has put so much support into the services and resources for students and for their future.
-Michael S.

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