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About IWUOnline

IWU understands that time at work and at school means time away from what is most important—your family. IWU's online degree programs are completely online, eliminating the commute and classroom lectures from your day. Because you decide when to study, in most cases you are free to complete the 12 to 15 hours course commitment per week at your own pace and in the learning style that is best for you.

Engaging, Flexible, Affordable

Eighty years of academic excellence available online!

Juggling a career, family and other commitments doesn't leave much time for school. That is why more and more busy professionals are turning to Indiana Wesleyan University's online programs. At Indiana Wesleyan University, you will find our programs to be:

Online student at IWUOnline

  • Effective — Our graduation rates are among the highest in the nation. We cultivate our students to become "World Changers," enabling them to impact their organizations and communities in sustained and positive ways
  • Friendly and Inviting — Our "virtual" classroom technology will connect you with fellow students and expert faculty. The user-friendly interface combines web page discussion forums, live chats, whiteboard collaborative software, and email to facilitate interaction. Student groups complete their degree programs as a "learning team" by taking one course at a time together.
  • Convenient — At IWU, students can earn their degree via the Internet whenever and wherever they want — at home in the evenings, at work during lunch, or while traveling on business. We ship your textbooks and course materials directly to the location of your choice!
  • Affordable — In today's marketplace, education seems to be priced at a premium. Not at IWU. Our online programs are priced reasonably with no hidden costs and designed so that most of our students qualify for government-sponsored educational aid.
  • Proven — For over 80 years, IWU has provided quality programs for students. We offer the same excellence online as you would receive in the classroom!

Whether you are far away from campus, or simply need the flexibility of studying during your own schedule, Indiana Wesleyan University can help you meet your educational goals, and succeed in your chosen career!

About Indiana Wesleyan University

Founded in 1920, IWU has become one of the fastest growing Christian universities in America. Over 13,300 students are enrolled in 70 locations and in online programs leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees. For more than 20 years, Indiana Wesleyan University has served the educational needs of working adults through innovative online degree programs.

Indiana Wesleyan University is a Christ-centered academic community committed to changing the world by developing students in character, scholarship, and leadership.