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The distance education programs at Lehigh University Online have been developed to provide the student with the same level of educational excellence for which Lehigh University is renowned, while allowing the learner to maintain their current employment status. Our program has been in place since 1992 and is continually being improved to meet the ever changing needs of the learner. Staff of the Lehigh Distance Education program pride themselves in providing the best education possible to you, the learner, whatever your needs may be.

In 1999, Lehigh added web-based streaming-video courses to their satellite-based distance education. The LESN-Online program permits Lehigh to offer a greater variety of programs, ranging from non-credit short courses, to individual credit courses, to credit and non-credit certificate programs, to full degree programs. The new technology means greater flexibility for continuing and new students and is accessible for anytime/anywhere participation.

We use Real streaming video as our specific web-course delivery technology because we believe that streaming video provides a richer academic experience for widely scattered learners, and retains more of the character, as well as the quality, of Lehigh course work.

Lehigh University's distance education via the Internet program is structured to maintain the university's standard for excellence and its focus on students. For this reason, we have chosen to use a technology known as streaming media that encourages a richer and deeper student-instructor relationship than more traditional text based Internet Programming.

The Goals of Distance Education at Lehigh University Online

Whatever the technology Lehigh uses to deliver distance education courses, our goals remain the same. We are dedicated to providing educational opportunities to adult men and women at locations that are accessible and cost-effective.

Distance education students are important to Lehigh, and the program strives to maintain the same level of quality of instruction and student service that is available to on-campus students. We regard distance students as clients of the University, deserving of our best efforts possible in all areas of operation, including technology, programming, academic support and client service. In short, the guiding principles of Lehigh University Online distance education are convenient access, cost-effectiveness, academic excellence, and client satisfaction for Lehigh University Online Graduate Programs, Lehigh University Online undergraduate degrees, and Lehigh University online courses. 

Lehigh University reserves the right at any time to change the rules and regulations governing admission, tuition, fees, and regulations affecting its students.

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