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Online Master's Degree Programs from Marygrove College

As a working teacher, you understand better than most the integral role that education can play in attaining one's goals—including your own - the furthering of which could be made easier through Marygrove college online. Which is why, like most educators, you've considered earning your master's degree at some point in your career.

Of course, being able to successfully complete your studies without compromising the commitments to your work and family has always been a challenge. That is, until now.

Marygrove's online Master in the Art of Teaching (MAT) degrees are made up of six core courses and four specialty courses. As a student, you will take two courses per semester, finishing a course every seven weeks. Allowing you to complete your master's degree in less than two years.

The online programs include MAT with a focus on:

  • Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment, K-12
  • Reading & Literacy, Grades K-6
  • Mathematics, Grades K-5
  • Mathematics, Grades 6-8

Graduate Student Qualifications

To enroll in the online master's degree program you must be currently employed as a teacher and possess an undergraduate degree.

Marygrove College Online and the Teachscape Advantage

Marygrove College, located in Detroit, Michigan has been a leader in teacher education since 1927. In the past decade, more teachers have earned their MAT degree from Marygrove College than from any other college or university. Marygrove was one of the first colleges to offer the convenience and flexibility of a distance learning master's degree. With over 20,000 graduates from the distance learning master's degree program since 1990, Marygrove has a history of serving K-12 teachers with a program that is relevant to today's working educator.

Marygrove College online has partnered with Teachscape, a leader in online professional development for K-12 educators. Teachscape's multimedia online platform provides Marygrove MAT students with an unparalleled course experience. Teachscape allows students to have full access to video case studies featuring renowned education experts and classroom practitioners, as well as interaction with peer and faculty, all online in the convenience of their home or classroom.

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