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Welcome to McKinley College

McKinley College is part of one of the oldest distance education institutions in the nation. For over 30 years, we have trained thousands of men and women for exciting, professional careers abd with the convenience of McKinley College online programs, it's never been easier!

All of our programs are designed by professionals for professionals. We are experts in delivering a quality education in an enjoyable manner that is both challenging and easy to understand. See why McKinley College is your best choice for your associate degree!

At McKinley College, we pride ourselves on our reputation for outstanding student and graduate support. Our dedicated representatives and faculty members are on hand year-round to offer their help and answer any questions you may have. Their main objective is your success!

Convenient, Affordable and Quick with McKinley College Online

Why study at McKinley Online?

  • Earn Your Degree in as Little as 16 Months!

    How long you take depends upon the number of courses in your degree program and how many courses you take each session. If you take the maximum number of courses each session, you could graduate in about 16 months. All new students can take their first two McKinley College online classes while they wait for the next session to begin.

  • Study Anytime, Anywhere!

    The beauty of distance education is the flexibility it offers. You can study in the comfort and convenience of your own home. There is no commute and no classes to attend. You have the flexibility to adjust your schedule so you can study at the time and place that's right for you!

  • Customized Textbooks

    Another advantage at McKinley College is that our textbooks and course materials are written and designed by professionals for professionals. This is a BIG ADVANTAGE for you as professionals excel at putting the content in real-world context. It makes it easy for you to relate your studies and immediately apply your knowledge to your career. It also engages you quickly and keeps your attention and focus, leading to increased retention and ultimately your success!

  • Affordable Interest-Free Payment Options

    At McKinley College, you will get a quality education at a reasonable price. We offer a variety of affordable payment options, all with absolutely no interest charges. We can also help you explore GI-Bill or military benefits you may be eligible for.

  • Career-Focused Curriculum

    One of the great things about McKinley College is that classes are directly related to your desired profession. You'll really enjoy the curriculum because the focus always remains on the career you are interested in. You won't be distracted or de-motivated by electives and filler classes like biology, humanities, etc. Your attention consistently stays focused on the end goal of having a successful career in your desired profession.

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