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New York University, commonly referred to as NYU, is a large private university, and one of the most well-known colleges in New York City. Their programs range from associates degrees to doctorate, potentially offered either online or on campus, through one of eighteen different schools and colleges. NYU is also a prestigious research university, with faculty, students and alumni earning recognition for their efforts in a variety disciplines, through research programs in 25 different countries. With 650 different areas of study at a variety of levels, 9,700 potential courses, online study, and campus centers around the globe, New York University may just have what you’re looking for.

Online Study at NYU

New York University knows that, in today’s world, finishing your degree might not always be as simple as living on campus and attending classes full time. That’s why they offer a wide range of fully online, blended, and low-residency programs. In most cases, fully or partially online programs would be offered at the graduate level; however, the School of Professional Studies does offer several online bachelors programs. The specific online and blended study options available generally vary by individual school, and may have unique requirements, expectations or prerequisites.

In addition to programs offered fully online or in a blended or low residency format, campus programs also incorporate an online component. Face to face courses typically utilize digital technology, for organization, and to support innovative learning strategies. Not to mention students might also choose to attend individual online courses when it works for them.

About New York University

New York University has been dedicated to providing its students with a practical, relevant education since its inception over one hundred and eighty years ago. NYU was founded in 1831 by Albert Gallatin and Mordecai Manuel Noah, who saw its establishment as a social investment in New York and its people.

Today, the school has grown substantially. Rather than its original 14 faculty and 158 students, NYU boasts almost 40,000 students and over 3,100 full time faculty. Members of the current and historical NYU family include heads of state, astronauts, Fortune 500 CEOs, Nobel Laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, Academy Award winners, Olympians, and more.

New York University is also committed to diversity and inclusion for all its students and faculty. To that end, in 2015, the school founded the Ad Hoc Advisory Task Force on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, to continue advancing this inclusive culture.

Research Opportunities at NYU

New York University is committed to supporting and fostering great research by its faculty and students alike. In fact, the quality of NYU’s research is one element that enables them to attract the caliber of scholars they do—both as students and teachers alike. NYU research has been published in many different scholarly journals across a variety of disciplines, and has made waves. Just on example of this: in 2016, NYU was ranked 25th in Nature Index’s Rising Stars for its increases in the rate of publication in its member journals.

New York University Academics

NYU may be ahead of the curve when it comes to research, but its academic programs—educating its students—are the heart of the school. NYU offers more than six thousand degree and non-degree programs, at both the undergrad and graduate level. And they offer them not just in their New York City campus, but also online and around the world. NYU also strives to provide learning opportunities outside the classroom (or digital classroom) through observation and work experience, civic engagement, research opportunities, and more.

NYU Arts & Science

NYU Arts and Science is actually comprised of three different schools:

  • College of Arts and Science: One of the largest schools at NYU, this college focuses exclusively on undergraduate education. Anchored in a liberal arts educational philosophy, CAS emphasizes student inquiry through research opportunities, service learning, and practical experience.
  • Graduate School of Arts and Science: Founded in 1886, GSAS is itself comprised of three subsections: humanities, science, and social sciences. Masters and doctoral programs are offered online, on campus, and around the world.
  • Arts and Science Liberal Studies: This is comprised of two programs: the Core Program, and Global Liberal Studies. These multidisciplinary programs emphasize small, discussion-based classes and a liberal arts philosophy.

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Courant is a research and educational school at New York University, focused on mathematics and computer science. Degree programs may be offered from undergraduate to doctorate. Courant faculty and graduates have contributed to international thought leadership in mathematics, computer science, and analytics.

The NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP)

The NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress, or CUSP, focuses on using scientific research principles to better understand society and help the global community progress. CUSP especially focuses on global urbanization. They strive to provide students with ample opportunity for hands on experience conducting and applying social research. They utilize New York City as a sort of “living laboratory” to practice putting these social research skills into practice and advance the field of urban informatics.

The Gallatin School

The Gallatin School was designed to put its students first. Through its individualized approach to higher education, they enable students to pursue courses of study they might not find anywhere else. In fact, through the Gallatin School, students might design their own concentration. Gallatin concentrations are interdisciplinary, and might be offered at the bachelors or masters level.

New York University Institute of Fine Arts (IFA)

Part of GSAS, the Institute of Fine Arts emphasizes art conservation and curatorial studies at the masters and doctoral level. IFA maintains a close relationship with many of New York City’s world class art museums. IFA programs may prepare students for a variety of exciting careers in the arts, including research, art criticism, art conservation, and more.

The Institute for Study of the Ancient World (ISAW)

The Institute for Study of the Ancient World focuses primarily on art history, archeology and conservation. ISAW focuses on advanced research regarding the political, religious, economic, social, and cultural components of ancient civilizations. This includes the study of anthropology, archeology, geography, geology, and history. It also functions as an independent entity within NYU, including an endowment and board of trustees.

The New York University School of Professional Studies

The New York University School of Professional Studies was established in 1934. They offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree and diploma programs, as well as individual courses to support the advancement of ongoing careers. The NYU School of Professional Studies emphasizes a practical education, preparing students to innovate and lead in today’s workforce.

NYU Steinhardt

First established in 1890, NYU Steinhardt offers undergraduate and graduate education in health, psychology, art, communication, and teaching. They also offer non-degree certificate programs. Steinhardt offers a holistic approach to liberal arts education, emphasizing a community atmosphere and providing learning opportunities in and out of the classroom.

NYU Stern

NYU Stern offers a career-focused business education at the undergraduate and graduate level, including both degree and certificate programs as well as professional and executive education. Anchored at the heart of New York City, Stern’s program is internationally connected, offering a global perspective and world of opportunity.

NYU Tandon School of Engineering

The NYU Tandon School of Engineering has roots as far back as 1854. Ever since then, it has been dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation, helping students develop the creative thinking and scientific rigor better society through technological advancement. Tandon offers degrees ranging from BA through PhD, as well as certificate programs, both on campus and online.

Tisch School of the Arts.

Tisch is a premiere school for the arts—not to mention one of the most competitive schools at NYU. They offer programs from bachelors through doctorate in a variety of performing and visual arts media. Tisch has been dedicated to honing artistic craft since 1965. Its alumni have found renown in a variety of art forms and industries.

NYU Wagner

NYU Wagner is all about making an impact. Their undergraduate and graduate public policy and administration programs hone the leadership chops, sociological expertise, and political know-how to make real change in communities near and far. Degree and non-degree programs range from bachelors through doctorate.

New York University School of Medicine

One of NYU’s graduate schools, the New York University School of Medicine is committed to innovation in the medical research and practice. They aim to bring together new science research, new technology rigorous education, and quality care for each patient. The NYU School of Medicine offers programs for both aspiring MDs dedicated to caring for patients, and PhDs who want to get involved with performing research.

Recognition for New York Univeristy

New York University has been ranked by major publications for its programs, resources and other qualities.

  • US News & World Report Best Colleges recognized Forbes among the top colleges, most innovative, and business school categories, among others in 2017.
  • The Princeton Review ranked NYU with the number 7 undergraduate game design program in 2017
  • Forbes listed NYU among its Top Colleges rankings in 2017

Recognition for NYU Faculty

At NYU, you could have an opportunity to learn from the best. Among the NYU faculty’s many accomplishments in 2016 and 2017 are:

  • Two Tony Award nominees
  • Two MacArthur Genius Grants
  • Two CAREER Awards from the National Science Foundation
  • One Andrew Carnegie Fellow
  • Six Distinguished Teaching Awards
  • One Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise in Fine Arts
  • One Forbes Magazine 30 under 30

In the past, NYU faculty have also become Nobel Laureates, won Pulitzers, and more.

Applying to NYU

At New York University, different programs might have different application processes. Some schools or majors might have unique application requirements or timelines. It’s also a little different for graduate students. In that case, the application process would depend heavily on the program in question.

If you’re an undergraduate first-year applicant, your application process should look something like this:

  1. Complete and submit the Common Application (unless applying to a program that requires its own application)
  2. Submit the Common Application School Report and all appropriate transcripts
  3. Submit your official standardized test scores
  4. Submit at least one teacher evaluation
  5. Complete any additional requirements set by your program of choice (such as the artistic requirements at Steinhardt or Tisch)

Financial Aid & Scholarship Info

New York University knows that for some students, the cost of their education could be a major factor in their ability to achieve it. But NYU doesn’t want that to be what prevents you from reaching your potential. NYU’s financial aid counselors are there for you, to help you figure out how to get the aid you need to cover your New York University tuition and earn that degree.

At NYU, all students are automatically considered for any merit-based institutional scholarships they may be eligible for. Generally, this is based on your prior academic achievements. You also need to be enrolled as a full time student, have applied for financial aid before the deadline, and are currently in good academic standing. The amount of federal aid you’re already receiving could in some cases also be a factor.

For more information on federal, state, and private student aid, and scholarship options, reach out to your financial aid counselor.

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