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Purdue Global delivers education built for working adults who want a degree they can be proud of and that employers will respect, who need the flexibility to fit learning into their busy lives—100% online. It’s where driven adults don’t just go back to school, but come back bigger, stronger, and more prepared than ever. At Purdue Global, you can have it all: a degree that’s trusted. An education that’s proven. An opportunity that’s real.

Why Start Your Comeback With Purdue Global?

  • Backed by the power of Purdue: Backed by one of the nation’s most respected public universities, Purdue Global offers degrees and certificates that employers respect and recognize.
  • Your experience counts as credit: Satisfy up to 75% of your undergraduate degree with credits earned from prior coursework, work or life experiences, military training, industry certifications/training, skill/knowledge assessments, and external exams.
  • Built for working adults: Learn from anywhere in the world, 100% online in a user-friendly platform. Courses include interactive live seminars where you meet with your instructor and classmates in a virtual classroom to review and discuss important weekly topics.
  • Multiple start dates every month: Start your comeback whenever you’re ready. Purdue Global offers a wide breadth of programs from business, to nursing, to IT and beyond at every degree level.
  • A community of driven adults, like you: Join a robust and supportive community of working adults who’ve made their comeback. Connect with peers in and out of class, participate in student organizations, join a network of professionals, and more.
  • Try before you owe tuition: Experience one of our undergraduate programs for a 3-week period with no financial obligation, and see if online learning is right for you.

Giving You the Credit You Deserve

You’ve spent years working hard and building knowledge; Purdue Global gives you the recognition you deserve for the experience you’ve gained. Together, we’ll find the fastest and most affordable path to your degree and career goals.

  • Transfer Credits: You’ve come too far to stop now. Transfer credits earned at another institution and save an average of 50% on a bachelor’s degree.
  • Work and Life Experience: It’s time to get credit for the life you’ve lived. Students who submit a prior learning portfolio for evaluation save, on average, nearly $11,000 on undergraduate program tuition.
  • Military Benefits: Servicemembers and veterans receive reduced tuition rates and can earn credits toward a bachelor’s degree through military training, transfer credit, portfolio development, and course assessment opportunities.
  • Financial Aid: Financial aid is available for many of our degree programs. Our Advisors can help walk you through the process.

Individualized Student Support Services

We work with students just like you every day—students who have full lives, juggling work and family responsibilities while pursuing their educational goals. By looking at every student individually, we’re able to provide one-on-one mentoring and personalized assistance on everything from coursework to career searches. Our full range of services includes:

  • Individual educational advising
  • Hands-on learning through our interactive online classroom
  • No-cost tutoring in math, science, and writing
  • An official competency report that lets you show employers your work-related skills and readiness to contribute on day one
  • Collaborative, personalized services to assist in advancing your career, including research and planning, job searching, networking, and more


For comprehensive consumer information, visit Info.PurdueGlobal.edu.

100% Online: Some Purdue Global programs are not 100% online; some programs require you to gain hands-on experience in a real-world work environment. Contact an Admissions Advisor for additional information.

Credit for Prior Learning: Purdue Global does not guarantee transferability of credit from any of these sources. See the University Catalog for Prior Learning policy.

Experiential Learning Savings: In 2021–2022, incoming Purdue Global students who passed EL206 and submitted a portfolio for evaluation earned an average of 33 quarter credit hours toward their Purdue Global undergraduate degrees. Based on these experiential learning credits, tuition savings for nonmilitary students were on average $10,743.00. Tuition savings calculated as 33 quarter credit hours x standard tuition rate of $371.00 = $12,243.00 - $1,500.00 course fee = $10,743.00. Savings for students vary depending on the student’s individual prior learning experience. Savings for 2021–2022 incoming Indiana students who passed EL206 and submitted a portfolio for review were $9,700. Savings for 2021–2022 incoming military students who passed EL206 and submitted a portfolio for review ranged from $3,945.00 to $6,090.00. Eligible college credits articulate into Purdue Global undergraduate degree plans. Savings dependent on credit awards, which are dependent on individual circumstances. See University Catalog for Prior Learning Assessment policy. See www.purdueglobal.edu/tuition-financial-aid/undergraduate-graduate-tuition-and-fees/ for course fee refund policy. Source: Purdue Global School of General Studies, October 2022. 2021–2022 academic year.

Financial Aid: Financial aid is available to those who qualify. Financial aid awards vary depending on individual student eligibility and need.

Prior Learning Credit Savings—Bachelor's: Purdue Global online bachelor’s degree students who graduated in 2021–2022 and applied eligible prior learning (transfer, experiential, or credit by exam) credits saved an average of $34,500 toward the total degree. Campus tuition and prior learning savings vary by location. Savings based on overall cost of completion without prior learning credit. Calculation based on total prior learning credit times standard cost per credit in student’s program of study. Individual savings will vary. Calculation includes campus and military students. Purdue Global does not guarantee transferability of credit. See University Catalog for the Prior Learning policy. Source: Office of Reporting and Analysis, July 2022. 2021–2022 academic year.

Three-Week Trial: Classes count toward a degree if satisfactorily completed. No credits are earned if the student withdraws during the introductory period (3 weeks for new qualifying undergraduate students), which begins day one of the first term. Students who choose to continue their studies at Purdue Global will need to meet specific requirements. Graduate programs not included. Additional terms may apply to international and non-U.S. citizen students. For further information, see the University Catalog.

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