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Ridley-Lowell Business and Technical Institute

Ridley-Lowell Business and Technical Institute is a career-oriented school offering a number of business and technical diploma and certificate programs to students across the northeastern United States. As a career technical institute, Ridley-Lowell is focused on teaching the skills and knowledge that employers may seek in a number of different fields.

In order to help students prepare for their careers, Ridley-Lowell relies on its history of teaching business and trades to students. In fact, Ridley-Lowell is one of America’s oldest private business schools in continuous operation. Therefore, they have had an opportunity to connect with a number of different businesses and industries to design programs that specifically match what employers are looking for.

Highlights of Ridley-Lowell Programs

What Is a Career Technical Institute?

A career technical institute is a postsecondary school that is focused on teaching the aspects of a particular career through hands-on training. Typically, these schools are focused on research and vocational training. Courses usually prepare students for specific careers or industries through practical applications and may also include on-the-job training.

As its long history proves, Ridley-Lowell Business and Technical Institute provides a student-centered learning experience to help graduates find jobs. Through courses, training, and tutoring, Ridley-Lowell strives to provide each student with an experience to help them meet and exceed future employment expectations.

Programs at Ridley Lowell

As a career technical institute located in the northeast, Ridley-Lowell offers a number of programs, both on-campus and online, to provide students with the flexibility and convenience students seek. As a result, Ridley-Lowell is able to serve students who are seeking a change in their career or those looking to develop the skilled trades of technical industries.

Keep in mind that not all programs are available at all locations. Therefore, be sure to check which programs are available at certain campuses and which programs are available online.

Ridley-Lowell School of Business

The Ridley-Lowell Business and Technical Institute offers a number of programs for students who are seeking to refine their business and legal acumen. The business and legal programs available at Ridley-Lowell are:

  • Office Assistant Certification 1
  • Office Assistant Certification 2
  • QuickBooks

Healthcare Programs at Ridley-Lowell

Ridley-Lowell also offers a number of healthcare programs to teach students different aspects of the healthcare industry, from helping patients feel better to billing and coding. The healthcare programs at Ridley-Lowell are:

  • Medical Assistant: The medical assistant curriculum focuses on anatomy and physiology and a number of clinical procedures, such as CPR and first aid.
  • Medical Billing and Coding: By teaching in-depth knowledge of managing important records, as well as common medical terminology and healthcare issues.
  • Phlebotomy: This program focuses on developing confidence in students to gain the trust of patients while evaluating vital signs and while taking blood samples.
  • Dental Assistant: This program combines hands-on training with administrative education to prepare students to assist with complex dental procedures.

Beauty Programs at Ridley-Lowell

Another way to help people is to help them look good. Though this may not always be as serious as healthcare, beauty programs can provide comfort to people with skin diseases and to help them make a good impression. Ridley-Lowell offers the following beauty programs to teach the skills in different aspects of beauty and skincare:

  • Cosmetology
  • Esthetics and Skincare

Technical Programs at Ridley-Lowell

For students who are good with systems and want to learn more about the technical side of trade skills, there are a number of programs available at Ridley-Lowell. These are:

  • Electrical Systems
  • HVAC Installation Technician

Ridley-Lowell Business and Technical Institute: Locations

Ridley-Lowell has five different locations in the northeast to provide students with the convenience they are looking for while pursuing their degree. These locations are:

Ridley-Lowell Poughkeepsie Trade School Campus:

  • 26 South Hamilton St.
  • Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
  • 1-877-611-8602

Ridley-Lowell New London Trade School Campus:

  • 470 Bank St.
  • New London, CT 06320
  • 1-877-611-8603

Ridley-Lowell Danbury Trade School Campus:

  • 44 Shelter Rock Road
  • Danbury, CT 06810
  • 1-877-611-8607

Ridley-Lowell West Warwick Trade School Campus:

  • 186 Providence St.
  • West Warwick, RI 02893
  • 1-844-256-4781

Ridley-Lowell Poughkeepsie Esthetics and Cosmetology Clinic:

  • 289 Main St.
  • Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
  • 1-877-611-8602

All About Ridley-Lowell Business and Technical Institute

Ridley-Lowell Business and Technical Institute has a long history of providing students with a career-oriented education in the northeastern United States. In 1850, Daniel W. Lowell established the Lowell School of Business with John E. Bloomer to supervise the training of thousands of young men and women for business careers.

Then, in 1936, Earle D. Ridley founded the Ridley Secretarial School to provide business training in New York. The schools consolidated in 1968 to become a single school focused on career training.

Since then, the school has continued to grow to serve more students, industries, and communities by expanding the number of campuses and number of available programs. Now, there are locations throughout the northeastern United States and programs in a number of fields.

Is Financial Aid Available at Ridley-Lowell?

There are a variety of financial aid options at Ridley-Lowell for all of their locations. This may help you offset some of the costs of pursuing your diploma. In order to apply for financial aid, you can fill out your FAFSA application online. Or, your Admissions Officer can help you with your application during your in-person interview.

Some of the financial aid opportunities available at Ridley-Lowell include:

  • Pell Grants
  • Stafford Loans
  • Veterans Benefits
  • External Scholarships

Is Ridley-Lowell Accredited?

The Ridley-Lowell Business and Technical Institute is accredited to award certificates and diplomas by the:

  • Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS)

In addition, the medical assistant programs are accredited by:

  • Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP)

In order to be accredited, trade schools have to meet a high level of academic standards. Because Ridley-Lowell is dedicated to providing a student-centered learning experience, and to providing a challenging course of study through all programs, the school has earned a number of accreditations.

These accreditations validate the design of specific programs, as well as Ridley-Lowell as an institution. This helps assure students that their diplomas provide the relevant skills and knowledge in various fields.

What Are the Application Requirements?

At Ridley-Lowell, programs are designed to teach the skills and knowledge to enhance the career of their students. Therefore, the application process is personalized to help prospective students find the degree that fits their needs. This may include understanding your current skills and passions, as well as your future goals.

Typically, admissions are handled in-person at the trade school locations in New York, Connecticut, or Rhode Island. Other application requirements may include:

  • Must be at least 17 years old
  • High school diploma or GED equivalent
  • Interview with Admissions Officer
  • Submit formal application

Transfer applicants must have earned at least a “C” at a substantially equivalent course at another postsecondary school in order for the credits to transfer. If you are a transfer student, check with the school for additional requirements.

Ridley-Lowell Student Services

To help students achieve their academic goals, the Ridley-Lowell school offers a number of student services. These can provide extra help for your classes or prepare you for life after earning your diploma or certificate.

Some of the student services available at Ridley-Lowell include:

  • Free Tutoring
  • Refresher Courses for Graduates
  • Certification Boot Camps
  • Academic Advising
  • Library and Computer Labs
  • Accommodative and Veteran Services
  • Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Massage Clinic Services Discounts

Ridley-Lowell also offers an articulation agreement with the College of Westchester. This is an agreement to make it easier for students to transfer to that school in order to pursue a four-year degree.

Are Career Services Available at Ridley-Lowell?

In addition to the student services listed above, Ridley-Lowell Business and Technical Institute offers students a number of career services. These services may help prepare students for life after earning their diploma or certificate in order to pursue a job in your particular field of study.

The career services available at Ridley-Lowell are:

  • Alumni Events
  • Networking Events
  • Resume Preparation
  • Practice Interview Sessions
  • Placement Assistance
  • Job Search Tips

Ridley-Lowell also networks with a number of employers in the community and in a number of industries to provide potential candidates to meet and exceed their employment expectations. These relationships also help Ridley-Lowell structure the curriculum to teach students the skills and knowledge that these industries are looking for in new hires.

While Ridley-Lowell cannot guarantee job placement for graduates, the school does attempt to provide services to help students to succeed upon earning their diploma or certificate. However, it is up to each student to ask for the help they are looking for while searching for a job.

Benefits of Ridley-Lowell Business and Technical Institute

If you choose to pursue your diploma or certificate at Ridley-Lowell Business and Technical Institute, you may be able to use a number of the benefits of attending one of the oldest private business schools in America in continuous operation.

Some of the benefits of attending Ridley-Lowell are:

  • Student Services
  • Career Services
  • Day and Evening Courses
  • Financial Aid Options
  • Refresher Courses

There are a number of other benefits to attending Ridley-Lowell, including their focus on striving to prepare students for their careers. Plus, the overall mission of Ridley-Lowell is to provide a student-centered learning experience so that all students may achieve their academic goals. 

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