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Simmons University offers a unique, women-centric approach to higher education. With its main campus located in the heart of Boston, MA, Simmons offers undergraduate and graduate programs both on campus and distance learning through Simmons University online. Simmons is committed to fostering women’s leadership, inclusivity, and equal opportunities. And they have a track record of doing exactly that, since they were founded in 1899. Simmons has been recognized by US News & World Report, The Princeton Review, and Forbes, for the academics and value they offer students.

Why Attend Simmons University?

Simmons University puts their students first. In fact, that’s one of their core values. They’re also committed to community development, and to creating as many opportunities as they can. That type of commitment—totally focused on helping you, as a student, succeed, all while giving back to the city the school calls home—has been a driving force at Simmons for more than a hundred years.

The Simmons commitment to leadership goes beyond the classroom, and into every aspect of the school culture. From their commitment to diversity in their student body, to their student-faculty ratio, to their leadership in diversity, community engagement, and women’s leadership initiatives… if you’re driven to use your education to make a difference, Simmons will be there right alongside you.

What to Expect in Simmons Online

Grad students are busy people. Simmons knows that. That’s why they offer a variety of robust graduate programs online. Because you’ve already started making an impact as a leader in the real world, outside the college campus, and your graduate education should support you in that effort, not make it harder.

Your experience in a Simmons Online program will be one of a kind. Like all Simmons degrees, their online programs are student-centered, offering a diverse array of learning options. Prefer something that emulates the physical classroom? You may be able to study online live, face to face with your professors and fellow students, from wherever you are. Need something a little different? Some courses may integrate campus experience, or even offer self-paced options. And, like you’d find on campus, the class sizes are small, enabling you to get that one-on-one attention you need.

Simmons University Campus Life

Of course, online programs are only part of the Simmons University picture. There’s also campus life! Simmons offers both undergraduate and graduate programs anchored on campus. Here are just a few facts that show why life on the Simmons University campus could be a great fit for you.

  • It’s a green campus. Simmons emphasizes sustainability. They’ve updated most of their buildings to be as energy-efficient as they can, according to the college’s energy efficiency standards. They also make an effort to recycle, and encourages employees to use public transportation. Students can even study environmental science and sustainability!
  • Campus safety is a priority. The Simmons University Police Department operates 24/7 to make sure the campus is safe for students, faculty and employees alike.
  • It’s in a great neighborhood. Boston is one of the premier college towns in the United States. Simmons makes its home just around the corner from Fenway Park, a short distance from a variety of renowned museums, cafes, and performance venues.
  • There are a variety of supportive services. Undergrads and graduate students alike can take advantage of services like counseling, health services, and academic support—which includes support for learning disabilities and ESL—and career guidance. And that’s not even mentioning the athletics and fitness spaces, student organizations, and NCAA Division III teams you could take part in in your spare time.

Who Is Simmons University?

Simmons University has been a pioneer in women’s higher education since its inception in 1899, when it was founded by John Simmons. They have been committed to helping women become leaders in their communities ever since. Their commitment to diversity is equally well-established. They graduated their first African American student in 1914, and were one of the few private colleges in the United States not to impose quotas on Jewish students in the early twentieth century. Today, Simmons remains committed to their founding vision: creating opportunities and helping women succeed—no matter their background, religious or cultural identity.

Simmons University Culture

Simmons University doesn’t just create socially responsible leaders. They also lead by example. They make consistent efforts to develop their local community to improve the lives of the people who live there. Through their efforts and local partnerships, they’ve been involved in social welfare reform, improving K-12 schools, empowering women, and more. And through the Scott/Ross Center for Community Service, they make it easier for students and members of the local community to get involved through community service, internship, and service learning projects.

Simmons University Athletics

Simmons University Athletics are known as the Sharks. They are a member of NCAA Division III. Student athletes could get involved with basketball, crew, cross country, field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, or volleyball. Because their undergraduate programs are 100% women, this presents some exciting opportunities for women athletes, who, at Simmons, wouldn’t have to worry about getting access to the school’s best athletics facilities and practice times. Plus, Simmons Athletics puts academics first, meaning they’ll respect and support your commitment to your studies.

Simmons University and Simmons University Online Recognition

Simmons University is continually recognized by organizations as among the best colleges. Examples of this recognition include:

  • 2018 US News & World Report “Best Graduate Schools” for the Simmons nursing program
  • 2016 US News & World Report “America’s Best Colleges” in the Regional Universities North category, and “American Best Online Graduate Programs” for the online nursing programs
  • 2016 Princeton Review’s “Best 380 Colleges” Guidebook”; “295 Best Business Schools”; and #1 MBA Program for “Greatest Opportunity for Women.”
  • 2016 Peace Corps Top Volunteer-Producing Colleges and Universities
  • 2015 USA Today and College Factual Top 10 for the nursing program
  • 2015 “America’s Best Colleges”
  • 2014 US News & World Report “America’s Best Graduate Schools” top 10 ranking for the School of Library and Information Science
  • 2014 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for student service learning efforts in the community

Simmons University Academics

Academics are the heart of Simmons life. Their programs are designed to offer not only theoretical classroom learning, but practical experience, not to mention building the confidence to take that knowledge and use it to lead. Simmons University Academics supports students at every level, through academic support services, research opportunities, mentorship, and more.

Undergraduate Programs

Simmons offers more than 50 undergraduate liberal arts degree programs to women, including several combined bachelors/masters programs. Opportunities range from business-related degrees, to STEM degrees, the humanities, education, and even creative programs. Simmons also offers unique opportunities and support for undergraduate students who are 24 years or older, or who are working on a second degree. This includes individual counseling, scholarship opportunities, the chance to transfer up to 80 credits, academic support, and more.

Graduate Programs

Simmons offers a number of co-educational graduate programs, both online and on campus. This includes both masters and doctorate programs, as well as dual degree masters programs. Some programs offer flexible scheduling options, or even take place online—a potentially convenient option for a busy professional. Simmons Graduate Programs take place in one of several Simmons schools:

  • The College of Arts and Sciences: This is the home of programs like English, History, Gender and Cultural Studies, Archives Management, Public Health, Public Policy, and Education.
  • The School of Management: This school offers programs like Business Administration, Health Care MBA, and Management.
  • The School of Nursing and Health Sciences: Simmons University Nursing (including the Simmons Nursing online programs), has been recognized multiple times for excellence. This school also offers related programs like the Simmons Online FNP, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, and Health Professions Education.
  • The School of Library and Information Science: In addition to Library and Information Science, this school offers archives management, and children’s literature programs, including an MFA in Writing for Children.
  • The School of Social Work: Simmons social work online and on campus programs focus on understanding and helping communities thrive. This includes education programs including special education, the Simmons online MSW, and behavior analysis.

Certificates & Non-Degree Programs

Simmons offers several graduate certificate programs supporting a variety of disciplines and career paths. Certificate programs might be offered face to face or online, depending on the certificate in question. Students might decide to pursue a certificate because they want to build on a certain skill set, work toward licensure or professional certification, or maintain a license they already have. Certificate options include but are not limited to:

  • Archives Management
  • Moderate Special Needs Education
  • Professional Licensure (a type of teaching license specific to Massachusetts)
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Didactic Program in Diatetics (DPD)
  • Health Care Management
  • Heal Professions Education
  • School Library Teacher Licensure

Apply to Simmons University Online

Ready to apply to Simmons University? Simmons tries to make this process as simple and straightforward as they can. If you’re an undergrad, you can use either The Common Application or the Simmons Online Application, neither of which require an application fee. There’s also a print application, which may require an application fee. Your admissions counselor should be able to guide you through this process and break down any additional requirements. Generally, you’ll need:

  • Letters of Recommendation
  • An essay or personal statement
  • Leadership experience
  • School transcripts (high school and college, if applicable)
  • Standardized test scores
  • An interview (not required, but recommended)

At the graduate level, the admissions process and requirements vary for each program. For more information, visit the website or follow up with your admissions counselor.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Simmons University knows that paying for higher education can be a challenge for a lot of people. But they’re committed to making college a possibility for people of all backgrounds. In addition to federal student aid—which is need-based and administered through your FAFSA—Simmons also offers a few other options to help make those ends meet.

  • Scholarships: Simmons offers both merit and need-based scholarships to undergraduate students. In fact, you could potentially qualify for one of nine different undergraduate scholarships! Follow up with your admissions counselor for more information.
  • Grants: Some students at Simmons may qualify for aid in the form of federal, state, and institutional grants. Federal grants may include Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG), and TEACH Grants. Residents of Massachusetts may qualify for Gilbert Grant or MASS Grant assistance. Simmons also provides need-based institutional grants. At the graduate level, need and merit-based aid may vary by program and funding.
  • Campus Employment: A variety of opportunities to work on campus could be available to students who need to supplement their funds. In addition to the Federal Work-Study Program, institutional or “general employment” positions may be available for students who do not quality for Work-Study.

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