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Southern Technical College (STC) is a leading career education school dedicated to providing students with the best possible career training and education. Delivered in a professional and dynamic environment, Southern Tech programs are designed to provide intensive, hands-on training in core technical areas. Southern Technical College programs also emphasize interpersonal skills, communication skills, and a broad-based general education.

Southern Technical College Campuses

Southern Technical College features five convenient campus locations in Central Florida. STC campuses are located in the following cities.

  • Auburndale
  • Brandon
  • Mount Dora
  • Orlando
  • Sanford
  • Fort Myers
  • Port Charlotte
  • Tampa

In addition to its physical locations, Southern Technical College also offers online degree programs. This could be a great way to access a campus straight from your living room.

Southern Technical College Accreditation

Until 2016, Southern Technical College was accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) to award diplomas and academic associate’s degrees. They are currently seeking new accreditation.  

Additionally, certain STC programs have been recognized for their achievements. The following programs have been accredited.

  • The surgical technician associate programs at Fort Myers, Tampa, and Port Charlotte are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM).
  • The health information management associate degree program at Fort Myers is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education(CAHIIM).
  • The DMS program in Tampa is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Educational Programs (CAAHEP).

STC Application Process

STC seeks out students who are passionate about their education. That might be hard to see on a typical application! To make their programs more accessible to determined learners, Southern Technical College has an open admissions policy.

Students may be required to fill out a general application and submit a copy of their high school diploma or GED certificate. Then, an Admissions Representative could use this information to guide you through the rest of the process. These advisors could be a great asset to help you remember deadlines, additional materials, or just schedule your classes.

At this time, transfer students could also discuss their previous college credits. Admissions advisors could provide insight into what courses may apply to your potential future degree program.

It’s important to note that international students may be required to take a TOEFL course prior to admission.

Students Enrolled in Southern Tech Online

Since Southern Technical College keeps their programs accessible to many excited students, it’s no wonder that the student population works hard to achieve their educational goals.

In fall 2015, 100% of Southern Tech’s undergraduate students body were pursuing their education first time. That’s 1,254 students devoting their time to taking the next academic step. Of those students, 54% were female and 46% were male.

And, many of those students are not who you’d expect. 70% of the undergraduate student body were over 25 years old. Many adults return to education to either earn their first ever postsecondary degree. Or, they could be stepping back into the ring in order to enhance their chances of a potential future career. Either way, they might be in good company when they enroll at Southern Tech.

Not to mention, many of these students stick around. Between the fall 2014 to 2015 school year, 53% of first year students returned to their studies at STC.i*

Online Programs at Southern Technical College

Southern Tech’s programs are designed to help students develop their understanding about their preferred professional field. And their online programs are no different! The campus programs almost directly transfer to the digital classroom to provide a comprehensive education.

STC focuses on offering business degrees at the associate and bachelors levels in their online programs. They offer the following degree programs as part of their online initiative.

  • Associate’s Degree in Management
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Management

Southern Technical College understands that students may have other obligations eating up their time. The online programs keep this in mind with their scheduling. In that, there is none! Students could log into classes as their time allows. The flexible scheduling could potentially make fitting your education into your daily routine a little easier.

Online Bachelors in Management Program

The online bachelors in management program at STC covers leadership skills and knowledge you could apply to a potential future career. The program focuses on fundamental techniques that you could use to better organize and manage a team in a business environment.  Courses could include some of the following topics.

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • Leadership & Team Development
  • Finance
  • Business Communication

Southern Technical College Financial Aid Options

Paying for your education could be scarier than applying for it! But, Southern Tech’s trained financial aid staff knows it’s nothing to be afraid of. The team of professionals could walk you through the process of finding potential financial aid options.

In the 2014 to 2015 school year, 89% of fulltime, beginning undergraduate students received financial aid. 89% of those same students received financial aid from grant or scholarship aid. Students who received a grant or scholarship received a median of $3,758. The majority of the grants and scholarships were awarded by the federal government.

Another 79% of students applied for a received student loan aid. These students received a median of $6,960 in financial aid.ii*

And, the financial aid team sticks with you long after graduation. Advisors may be available to help students through obstacles that might come up with their financial aid in the future. For example, advisors could help students complete forbearance and deferment forms should the need arise. Besides this, the counselors are available for any additional student loan questions you may have.

The Online Faculty at Southern Tech

STC instructors are industry-proven professionals who care about student success. In 2015, Southern Technical College employed 50 full time and 30 part-time faculty members. This means that student could potentially enjoy a roughly 15 to 1 student ratio! With more professors available, students could take part in more individualized learning opportunities. Additionally, instructors may be able to better cater their lessons to the unique needs of their smaller classes.

Out of these professors, 100% of them spend their time instructing students. Professors do not conduct additional research outside of classes.iii*

Graduating from Southern Technical College Online

Once you’ve completed your courses, it’s time to graduate from Southern Tech and move into the real world. But, you could amongst a large pool of alumni! 55% of students who started their studies in 2011-12 graduated within their “normal time” of completion.

Of course, earning a degree takes a different amount of time for each individual student. Things like family or career obligations might require you to spend more time pursuing your degree. Southern Technical College pushes these students to continue taking the courses as their time allows. With that knowledge in mind, and additional 59% of students went on to earnt their degree in twice as long as the “normal time” of complete.iv*

But Why Southern Tech?

Besides the above-mentioned academics, there are plenty of other reasons to pursue your education at STC. Below a few more reasons to keep the school on your radar when researching potential online programs.


Earning your degree doesn’t mean you have to be so serious. In fact, there could be a lot of creativity included in your program at Southern Technical College. For instance, business concentration students might be interested in marketing STC’s fashion show.  Or, it might as simple in taking part in the school’s spirit week (crazy sock day is a favorite!). There’s a way to pursue a degree and include your creative passions.

Career Guidance

With so many classes devoted to knowledge you could potentially use on the job, it’s no wonder STC has a career services center. The goal of this dedicated team of professionals to help students make the transition from college to a possible professional position.

The career services begin while you’re still in your program. The career center helps match student to potential internship and externship programs. During the work studies, students could have to apply their knowledge in the real world. The hands-on setting could help you apply your textbook knowledge to the daily tasks of certain professions. It could also be a great way to network while you’re still in school.

As you near the end of your program, you could then take part in the center’s recruiting days. During these events, employers are invited to campus to speak with students. This is chance to speak with actual professionals in your field and gain some insight into what they’re looking for in a candidate. Don’t forget to bring along a few resumes with you!

Pursuing an Education at STC

Southern Technical College is not only dedicated to providing a supportive education to students, but helping them in their professional lives after graduation. From the moment you apply to a program, STC professional staff could be there to guide you through the process. At the end of it, you could find yourself among many fellow alumni who feel confident pursuing their professional goals.

For more info about anything you’ve read on this page, check out Check out a few more degree options. Or, maybe you’d like to chat with an admissions advisor. Either way, this could be your first step towards your new education!

*The numbers provided on this page reflect the statistics of Southern Technical College’s main campus in Orlando, FL.  

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