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About Stratford University

Stratford University is a private educational institution dedicated to preparing students for challenging and rewarding careers in high demand fields, such as information technology, hospitality, culinary arts, and business administration.

Stratford University offers Associate, Bachelor, and Master's Degrees. Stratford's curriculum combines advanced technology and hands-on labs with traditional educational methods. The competencies and industry certifications embraced by its demanding curriculum are employer-centric, while the teaching methods and delivery style are student-centric. Stratford University has excellent graduation and placement rates.

Online Programs at Stratford University

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At Stratford we understand the challenges people are faced with in today's fast-paced world and the many commitments that each individual has but we also believe that nothing should hold you back from achieving your educational goals.

All you need is a bit of convenience combined with flexibility — and our online programs are prepared to provide you that.

Stratford University currently offers online courses as part of a Distance Learning Program in order to meet the needs of the student population. Each online course follows Stratford University's mission to prepare students for rewarding and challenging careers by providing quality competency-based educational programs that meet the changing needs of employers in emerging high demand industries with a schedule that can fit into the busy lives of professionals.

Online classes at Stratford University are equally challenging as residential classes, however these courses are tailored for an online format. If you are Self Motivated and Comfortable working on computers and using Internet — you are ready to take an online class.

Students may choose to take all the required classes online or combine online learning with residential class experience.

Competency-Based Education

Stratford University delivers competency-based educational programs that prepare individuals for employment in specific career areas.

The competencies are employer-centric and hence based on job requirements. The instructional techniques are student-centric and are based on student learning modes and styles. This dual emphasis has resulted in student academic success, without lowering required employer-based standards. As a result, students who graduate enjoy a high placement rate within the industry.

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