The University of Arizona


The University of Arizona online and on-campus programs offer comprehensive, high quality education that engages students in discovery through research and broad-based scholarship. It is located in Tucson, Arizona.

Popular University of Arizona majors include:i

  • Economics, political science, psychology, interdisciplinary studies, public health, speech communication and rhetoric, physiology, and human resources for  students pursuing bachelor’s degrees
  • Business administration and management, information technology, registered nursing, electrical and communications engineering, and architecture for students pursuing master’s degrees  
  • Cellular and molecular biology, ecology and evolutionary biology, business administration and management, computer science, TESOL, electrical and communications engineering, medicine, nursing practice, and pharmacy for students pursuing doctorate degrees

UA Admissions

To apply to the University of Arizona, prospective undergraduate students must submit:i

  • Their high school record
  • Their TOEFL scores if English is their second language

In addition, the University of Arizona recommends that applicants submit:i

  • Their high school GPA and ranking
  • Evidence that they’ve completed a college preparatory program
  • Formal demonstration of their competencies
  • Their SAT/ACT scores

Note that while applicants might not have to submit transcripts and other “recommended” information to apply, they may need to in order to be admitted once accepted.i

The undergraduate application fee at the University of Arizona is $50.i

The University of Arizona acceptance rate is 79 percent, which U.S. News rates as “selective.”ii

UA Enrollment

As of fall 2016, the University of Arizona had 43,161 students. Of those students, 33,694 were undergraduate students and 9,467 were graduate students.i

That same semester and year, 87 percent of undergraduate students attended classes full-time and 13 percent attended part-time. Two percent of them were enrolled entirely in online classes and 29 percent were enrolled in at least some online classes. The large majority of students, 92 percent, were age 24 or younger.i

Of the graduate students at the University of Arizona, 73 percent attended classes full-time and 27 percent attended part-time. Nineteen percent were enrolled entirely in online classes and 6 percent were enrolled in at least some online classes.i

UA Tuition

The University of Arizona has different tuition rates for in-state and out-of-state students.

During the 2016-2017 school year, University of Arizona out-of-state tuition cost undergraduate students an estimated $34,967 plus an estimated $800 for books and supplies.i 

Meanwhile, in-state undergraduate students paid an estimated $11,769 for tuition plus an estimated $800 for books and supplies.i

That same year, graduate students with in-state status paid an estimated $11,372 for tuition and an additional estimated $1,011 in fees. Out-of-state graduate students paid an estimated $31,124 for tuition and an additional estimated $1,011 in fees.i

Opportunities through the University of Arizona Online and Beyond

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