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Ultimate Medical Academy has dedicated itself to providing the effective, career-focused medical education employers are looking for. That means your curriculum would include the balance of theoretical and technical healthcare knowledge, and practical skill you could rely on every day on the job. Each program is designed with your learning in mind, supported by valuable learning resources, flexible scheduling, and innovative education techniques. So if you’re interested in pursuing healthcare professions—whether that’s clinical, technological, or administrative in nature—Ultimate Medical Academy wants to help you succeed.

Ultimate Medical Academy Online

Ultimate Medical Academy online programs are there to support you—whatever that means. After all, UMA knows that some of the most dedicated students are also the busiest. Whether you’ve already started your healthcare career and want to earn a degree to enhance your opportunities, are working to put yourself through school, have family commitments… or just simply like the online environment, Ultimate Medical Academy wants to be there for you.

UMA’s online training options are designed to offer the supportive atmosphere and rigorous curriculum you’d find in the traditional classroom, but in a way that works in your life. That means you could log into your digital classroom whenever works for you. So no matter what shift you end up working—an issue any healthcare professional is familiar with—your education is not out of reach.

Who Are Ultimate Medical Academy?

Ultimate Medical Academy makes it their mission to make a difference. Not just in your life, as a student, but in the lives of all the people you help throughout your healthcare career. To that end, they work hard to make sure they offer the most effective and relevant healthcare education they can, supported by the services and resources students really need

UMA was founded as a nonprofit in 1994 in Tampa, Florida. Today, they’ve helped more than thirty thousand students around the country graduate and pursue their dream careers in healthcare

UMA Mission and Values

Ultimate Medical Academy states that its mission is not just to educate students, but to empower them to excel as healthcare professionals. They do this by fostering a learning environment that maximizes learning, and by equipping students with the skills and experience employers are looking for.

UMA strives to achieve this mission by upholding a set of core values. These values provide a sort of metaphorical benchmark for UMA to design their programs and self-evaluate.

  • Act With Integrity: Ultimate Medical Academy strives to be as open and honest as possible. They emphasize ethics not only in how they operate, but in how and what they teach. They hope to instill this same ethics in their students through example.
  • Champion Student Outcomes: To UMA, the most important thing is what the students get out of their education. They want each student to carry not only the expertise they need to do the job, but the confidence they can do it well, and the service-oriented mindset to help each patient.
  • Support Employees: UMA doesn’t only educate the students. They’re also committed to helping their employees develop both professionally and personally. They strive to create a positive working environment, and offer the educational opportunities their employees need—all so each faculty member can provide the best education they can to each student.
  • Pursue Purposeful Results: Ultimate Medical Academy believes in working with urgency and purpose. That applies to everything they do, but especially to serving their students. They don’t just want students to graduate. They want students to graduate fully prepared and confident, to impact the lives of each of their patients in a positive way.
  • Foster a Positive Working and Learning Environment: Being able to work and learn every day in a fun, supportive, and energetic environment is a key to success. UMA strives to create this environment and instill it as a value in their students, so they can carry it with them wherever they end up.
  • Work Together: While all of the above are important, UMA knows that they couldn’t achieve any of them without teamwork. That’s why Ultimate Medical Academy makes sure to build cooperative teams, and collaborate to build the best school and programs they can. Not only that, but they aim to pass this philosophy of teamwork on to each of their students.

Ultimate Medical Academy Location

Prefer the personal experience of learning face-to-face? Whether you want to study 100% on campus, or need a blend of classroom and online learning, Ultimate Medical Academy has got you covered. UMA has a campus location in Florida, which is equipped with the classroom materials, lab spaces, and technology you need. Learn right in your own backyard, from instructors with experience on the job in your own community.

  • Ultimate Medical Academy Clearwater FL

Space may be limited at the campus location. For more information about the facilities, programs offered, and whether the location is currently enrolling students, get in touch with UMA.

Programs Available At UMA

Healthcare is a dynamic and growing field, with potential roles in a wide span of areas. Whether you’re an analytical type who prefers to focus on numbers and data analysis, the organized type who would thrive in administrative roles, or are passionate about clinical roles and bedside care, you could use your talents to help others. Ultimate Medical Academy strives to fill this industry need with an array of career-focused programs. Students could earn diplomas or associate degrees. Not all programs may be offered at every location or online. Follow up for more details.

  • Health & Human Services: Passionate about using your organizational skills to help others? Health and human services focuses on community outreach, enabling students to help people find the resources and get the care they need.
  • Healthcare Management: If you’re a problem solver, or a people person—or both—healthcare management could be a good fit. This program covers everything from medical billing to budgeting to leadership skills, so you can guide a health care team to success.
  • Healthcare Technology & Systems: Another technological program, Healthcare Technology and Systems programs focus on managing the technology within a healthcare facility from a technical standpoint. Courses look at troubleshooting software, running a help desk, keeping records secure, and more.
  • Medical Administrative Assistant: Providing administrative assistance in a medical setting is a little different from your typical office. This program discusses the unique responsibilities inherent in this type of position, including ethical and legal considerations as well as general administrative skills.
  • Medical Coding and Billing: This specialized field focuses on processing insurance claims, interpreting medical billing codes, and generally acting as an interface between healthcare providers, insurance companies, and patients.
  • Medical Office & Billing Specialist: This program combines office management and administrative skills with medical coding and billing expertise, preparing students to excel in any front office role.
  • Pharmacy Technician: Passionate about medicine? Pharmacy technician training focuses on medical terminology, dosage calculations, insurance claims processing, and legal and ethical considerations like HIPAA.

How to Apply to Ultimate Medical Academy

UMA is here to help you get your education started on the right track. Not sure what program is the best fit for you? They could help you figure that out as well. Each student who applies works with a dedicated admissions representative, who is committed to helping you get started as smoothly as possible.

Specific admissions requirement vary by program. However, generally, all applicants must be able to demonstrate that they have graduated high school or an equivalent. Equivalents could be a GED certificate, or successful passage of a high school equivalency exam or similar.

Financial Aid counselors are also there to help you identify what options you may qualify for to cover your UMA tuition and expenses.

Learn More About Ultimate Medical Academy

Ready to find out more about UMA or UMA Online? Contact Ultimate Medical Academy using the contact form. Then request more information about the programs you’re interested in, or schedule a visit to see the school for yourself! Once you’re ready to apply, your admissions counselor will be there to guide you through the process.

A criminal background check is an enrollment requirement at Ultimate Medical Academy.

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The online program was definitely the top choice for me, because I like the freedom to be able to do it on my own time..

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