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The University of Delaware has a tradition of excellence. It prides itself on being at the forefront of research and innovation. UD offers a learning environment designed to help build leadership potential. They do this through discovery-based learning, applied research, and dynamic skill building. UD offers students a wide array of experiences, designed to push boundaries and help students grow. With study abroad opportunities, academics, research, and even community service, UD aims to educate the whole person, in and out of the classroom.

University of Delaware Online

About the University of Delaware

The University of Delaware’s history spans back to its founding in 1743, before the founding of the United States. In fact, the first graduating class included three signers of the Declaration of Independence, and one signer of the Constitution. UD’s record of student achievement continues from there. Graduates have earned a Nobel Prize, a Tony Award, and one has even been elected president.

The University of Delaware is committed to providing an innovative and relevant education to each of their students. That’s why, in 1923, they became the first American university to offer a study abroad program! Almost a century later, a third of UD undergrads study abroad in more than 70 countries. But that’s not all. . . . 

UDel also commits itself to pursuing cutting edge research. Not only could this research help to better society. It could also support education, as students could potentially get involved! On top of that, the university emphasizes community engagement through service projects.

Here’s what some other people say about the University of Delaware.

  • One of fewer than 3% of U.S. institutions with a Carnegie classification of very high research activity
  • University of Delaware Ranking:  U.S. News and World Report placed them 75th in their "Best Colleges" national report
  • They’re also ranked 29th among public universities in Forbes' "America's Top Colleges Ranking 2015"

University of Delaware Online

UD's proven academic approach extends to their online curriculum. The University of Delaware Online unites expert faculty and experiential learning with the flexibility of online learning. This enables professionals from around the country to earn a UD graduate degree online—on their own schedule, from their own home (or any place of their choosing really). Online study could range from taking a few courses online as part of a campus degree program, to earning a degree 100% online. Specific options may vary depending on the level of the degree and the actual course of study.

The University of Delaware Online platform includes services and resources to support learning. Here are a few examples.

  • Video Lectures: Studying with the UD Online Platform, you might not have to miss out on all the perks of the classroom. You could access lectures on your schedule, as many times as you want. So if you didn’t catch something, or you need a review, your online platform has you covered.
  • Interactive Assignments: UD Online courses take advantage of the technology at your fingertips. Your course assignments could be interactive, and enhance your experience through active participation.
  • Collaboration and Interaction: Earning a degree online, you might not need to lose the social aspect of classroom learning. UD Online courses use technology to facilitate collaboration between students, and help students connect with teachers whenever they need to.
  • Digital Resources: It’s not just your courses you could access online. They also offer a variety of online resources outside the digital classroom! For example, you could access enrollment services. You could get technical support, and even access library resources, all from your computer using the internet.
  • Real-Life Case Studies: The University of Delaware makes an effort to ensure that your online courses are as relevant as possible. That’s why they try and incorporate real-world research and examples into their course materials.
  • Important Milestones: Don’t want to miss out on campus experiences? Online students not only have access to the resources and benefits of the UD campus. They may also participate in campus events like the graduation ceremony if they wish.

University of Delaware Programs

At UD, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a degree from a university with a distinguished history of scholastic leadership. A degree from the University of Delaware does more than build professional skills. Our faculty members are distinguished leaders in their fields. And they're dedicated to preparing you to tackle matters of great consequence.

Currently, UDel offers 4 associate degree programs, 140 bachelors programs, 115 masters programs, and 44 doctoral programs. This wide span of options is divided up into 7 colleges, each of which is responsible for a certain subject type.

University of Delaware colleges include the following.

  • University of Delaware College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • University of Delaware College of Arts and Sciences
  • Alfred Lenner College of Business and Economics
  • University of Delaware College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment
  • University of Delaware College of Education and Human Development
  • University of Delaware College of Engineering
  • University of Delaware College of Health Sciences

University of Delaware Faculty

UD faculty are leaders in their fields. That means students could learn from some of the best. Faculty members have counted among them internationally renowned authors, scientists, and artists. As with the University as a whole, the UD faculty are committed to making a difference through innovation. The University supports that ambition by providing the resources they need. This could include top of the line research facilities, funding, and more.

But it’s not all research. Quite the opposite. In fact, 95% of classes at the University of Delaware are taught by full time faculty. And your opportunity to learn from innovators in your discipline doesn’t only happen in the classroom. You may have the opportunity to get involved with some of the research the UD faculty are known for.

Applying to the University of Delaware

US News and World Report considers the University of Delaware to be a “more selective” school. However, in-state students may have an advantage.

At the undergraduate level, the university asks that potential students have the following:

  • A Strong Academic Background: UD prefers that students have strong academics. They especially encourage AP or honors coursework, or International Baccalaureate education.
  • A Competitive GPA: The average GPA for the incoming class of 2019 was 3.68 on a 4.0 scale. Among honors program students, the average was 3.95.
  • Standardized Test Scores: UDel accepts both SAT and ACT scores.

To make the process a little easier, the University of Delaware accepts the Common Application. In addition, you may have to provide the following materials.

  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Writing Sample
  • Your intended major, and related major-specific materials (for example, an art portfolio)
  • Official Transcripts

Prospective graduate students, in addition to (or, in some cases, in place of) the above, must furnish the following.

  • Official transcripts from all post-secondary education institutions
  • GRE or GMAT scores (specific test requirements may vary by department)
  • Resume and/or personal statement essay
  • Supplemental information (varying by department)

For more information about application requirements unique to your program level, area of study, and educational background, reach out to University of Delaware admissions.

Financial Aid

Students at the University of Delaware may qualify for merit and need-based aid on a case by case basis. Need-based aid is determined primarily through the FAFSA. Examples of potential avenues for need-based aid include federal and state programs, grants, and endowments. A variety of merit-based scholarships may also be offered to qualified applicants. These might be awarded on the basis of general academic achievement, as well as specific to one skill or discipline. 

The requirements for each type of financial aid may vary. Additionally, the availability of these options may also vary. For more information about University of Delaware tuition and what paths might be open to you, reach out to Admissions for help.

University of Delaware Accreditation

The University of Delaware is accredited to award associate’s, bachelor’s. master’s, and both research and clinical doctorate degrees by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. In addition, individual programs also hold accreditation at the program level, from accrediting institutions specific to that discipline. Student support and community services also hold accreditations from relevant organizations. For more information, visit the university website or follow up with Admissions or your selected program.

Fast Factsi

The University of Delaware is a large and thriving academic community! Here are some facts to help paint a more accurate picture of what it might be like to study here.

  • In Fall 2015, total student enrollment was 22,852.
    • Of those students, 3,572 were graduate students, with the remainder being undergraduates.
  • The male to female ratio among undergraduate students is relatively close, with 57% of students being reported as female, and 43% male.
  • The retention rate among undergraduate students is relatively high, at 92% for full-time students, and 50% for part time.
  • The graduation rate for students who began studying in Fall 2009 was 79%.
    • Of those students, 81% graduated within six years, and 65% within four years.
  • The University of Delaware Athletics are a part of NCAA Division I.  Popularly known as the Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens, teams include the University of Delaware football, lacrosse, soccer, and basketball. The mascot is named YoUDee, and has been inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame.

Learn More About The University of Delaware

Read about UDel by visiting their website, If you want to get in touch and request info, or arrange a visit, you can use the contact form provided here. Take the first step toward a U of Delaware degree today!


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