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Washington State University Online is one part of Washington State University, a top-tier research university that offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees as well as undergraduate and graduate certificates. WSU offers 95 academic majors for undergraduates, 79 master’s degree programs, and 63 doctoral degree programs. Online, it offers 12 undergraduate programs and 11 graduate degree programs. In 2015-2016, WSU students logged 87,204 hours of civic engagement, making WSU a school that values academia and making a difference.i

WSU’s primary campus is located in Pullman, Washington, which is south of Spokane and close to the southeast borders of the state. The school’s on-campus classes have an average 15 to 1 student-to-faculty ratio, and 80 percent of undergraduate classes have fewer than 50 students. Hundreds of student organizations, sports opportunities, and student centers allow for students to connect and grow socially and academically on campus.i

What Makes Washington State University Unique

Washington State University offers an opportunity for a cultural exchange. At the Pullman campus, 100 countries are represented by the student body. The school’s online Global Campus includes students from 46 countries across the world. The school offers more than 600 study abroad opportunities to WSU students, enabling them to enhance their studies through cultural interaction and engagement.i  

Washington State University Tuition

During the 2016-2017 school year, undergraduate Washington State University students paid an estimated $11,041 for in-state tuition. Washington State University out-of-state tuition cost students an estimated $25,673 that same school year. For books and supplies, both in-state and out-of-state students paid an additional estimated $960.ii 

For four years’ tuition, starting in the 2017-2018 school year, undergraduate students at Washington State University will pay an estimated $45,206, including an estimated inflation rate. Using the same criteria, out-of-state Washington State University students will pay an estimated $103,734.ii

Graduate students at Washington State University paid an estimated $11,224 for in-state tuition in 2016-2017. Out-of-state graduate students paid an estimated $24,656 for tuition that same year. Both sets of students paid an additional estimated $1,529 in fees.ii

Washington State University Financial Aid

Sixty-five percent of all undergraduate students at Washington State University, or 15,875 students, received grant or scholarship aid in the 2015-2016 school year. Of those students, 8,493 received federally funded Pell Grants. Forty-six percent of all undergraduate students, or 11,268 students, received federal student loans that same school year. In total, each students received an average of $9,906 that year in grant or scholarship aid and $6,747 in federal student loans.ii

Washington State University Enrollment

In the fall 2016 semester, 30,142 total students were enrolled at Washington State University. 24,904 of those students were undergraduate students, and 5,238 of them were graduate students.ii

Of the undergraduate students, 87 percent attended classes full-time and 13 percent attended classes part-time. Eighty-three percent of them were age 24 or younger, and just 17 percent were 25 or older. The majority of undergraduate students at Washington State University in fall 2016, 80 percent, had in-state status. Seventeen percent of undergraduate students that same semester had out-of-state tuition, and two percent came from foreign countries.ii

Of the graduate students at Washington State University in fall 2016, sixty-eight percent attended classes full-time and 32 percent attended classes part-time.ii

Washington State University Admissions

23,223 prospective undergraduate students applied to the Washington State University for fall 2016 admissions. Of those applicants, Washington State University accepted 72 percent. Twenty-seven percent of those prospective students actually enrolled.

For potential admissions to the school, Washington State University requires undergraduate applicants to submit:

  • Their high school GPA and school record
  • Evidence that they’ve completed a college preparatory program
  • Admission test scores from the ACT and SAT
  • If English is their second language, Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores

Washington State University GPA requirements ask applicants to have at least a 3.5 for assured admission. Otherwise, applicants’ GPA will be weighed alongside other application factors

The Washington State University application fee for undergraduate applicants was $50 in 2016-2017.

In 2017-2018, the Washington State University acceptance rate for undergraduate students was 72 percent, which U.S. News ranks “selective.”

Washington State University requirements vary by program for graduate school applicants. However, applicants to most programs must at least submit letters of recommendation, GRE or GMAT scores, financial information, TOEFL scores (international students), and an application. The application fee for graduate programs $75 for the first application, $5 for the second application, and $75 dollars for every application thereafter.

Washington State University Programs

In the 2015-2016 school year, Washington State University conferred 5,475 bachelor’s degrees 892 master’s degrees, and 560 doctorate degrees. They also conferred 212 undergraduate certificates and 362 graduate certificates.

For students earning bachelor’s degrees that year, the following subjects were most popular:

  • Social sciences (412 degrees conferred)
  • Registered nursing (386 degrees conferred)
  • General psychology (359 degrees conferred)
  • Mass communications (284 degrees conferred)
  • Mechanical Engineering (259 degrees conferred)
  • Accounting (219 degrees conferred)
  • Hospitality administration and management (183 degrees conferred)
  • Criminal justice (179 degrees conferred)

Finance, operations management, elementary education, civil engineering, and human development also attracted relatively large numbers of students.

That same year, students earning master’s degrees most commonly did so in these subjects:

  • Business administration and management (207 degrees conferred)
  • Mass communication (51 degrees conferred)
  • Architecture (32 degrees conferred)
  • Secondary education and elementary education (28 degrees conferred in each subject
  • Exercise physiology (27 degrees conferred)
  • Educational leadership and administration (26 degrees conferred)

Accounting, general education, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, audiology, registered nursing, engineering management, and sports and fitness administration were also relatively popular subjects to study.

For students earning doctorate degrees in 2015-2016, the following subjects were most popular:

  • Veterinary medicine (124 degree conferred)
  • Pharmacy (114 degrees conferred)
  • Registered nursing (28 degrees conferred)
  • Chemistry (17 degrees conferred)
  • Business administration and management (16 degrees conferred)
  • Educational leadership and administration (15 degrees conferred)
  • Chemical engineering (15 degrees conferred)

The most popular subjects for students earning undergraduate or graduate certificates that year were global studies, human development, family and community services, child development, writing, teacher education, business administration and management, and sales skills.

Washington State University Online

Washington State University offers a breadth of undergraduate programs online:

  • Accounting
  • Criminal Justice
  • Data Analytics
  • Economics
  • Hospitality Business Management
  • Human Development
  • Humanities
  • Integrated Strategic Communications
  • Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Social Sciences
  • Psychology

Students in online programs at WSU have access to an academic advisor, 24/7 tech support, free online tutoring and writing lab, chances to meet other online students at social gatherings, their own students government, and access to Global Connections, a place to access webinars, live-streamed events, and resources.iii

Students pursuing master’s degrees online have access to similar educational resources and can pursue online master’s degrees in the following subjects:iii

  • Agriculture (with options in a couple of different areas)
  • Electric Power Engineering
  • Engineering and Technology Management
  • Executive MBA
  • MBA
  • Molecular Biosciences
  • Software Engineering
  • Special Education
  • Strategic Communication

In fall 2016, nine percent of undergraduate students at Washington State University were enrolled entirely in online courses. Seven percent of undergraduate students were enrolled in at least some online courses. Of Washington State University’s graduate students that same semester, 18 percent were enrolled entirely in online courses, and two percent were enrolled in at least some online courses.ii

Washington State University Accreditation

Washington State University has institutional accreditation from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. It has specialized accreditation from:ii

  • The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education
  • American Psychological Association, Commission on Accreditation
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
  • American Veterinary Medical Association, Council on Education
  • Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
  • Commission on English Language Program Accreditation
  • National Association of Music, Commission on Accreditation

Washington State University Ranking

U.S. News ranks Washington State University number 140 (tie) in National Universities, number 69 in Top Public Schools, and number 87 in Best Value Schools. The school ranked number 89 (tie) in Best Schools for Veterans.iv

In its graduate division, U.S. News ranked Washington State University number 81 (tie) in Best Engineering School, number 31 in Best Nursing Schools: Doctor of Nursing Practice, number 52 in Health Care Management, number 14 in Veterinary Medicine, and number 42 in Sociology.v

For the school’s online programs ranking, U.S. news ranked Washington State University number 12 (tie) in Best Online MBA Programs, number 23 (tie) in Best Online Bachelor’s Programs, and number 29 (tie) in Best Online Graduate Engineering Programs.vi

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