Pursuing an Online Certificate in Economics: The Essentials

There are many great reasons to pursue an Online Certificate in Economics. First, pursuing a certificate in economics may help you expand your business knowledge and acumen. Second, it might help you specialize your knowledge in a specific areas of economics. Third, it might help you merge economic, finance, and business principles, giving you a unique combination of tools. Any of these might be valuable in today’s business world. Overall, pursing a certificate in economics might help you enhance your career.

online certificate in economics

How Long Does It Take to Earn a Certificate in Economics Online?

Compared to earning a master’s degree, earning a graduate certificate in economics takes little time. Many Online Certificate in Economics programs include just four to six courses. It might take you anywhere from one semester to one and a half years to earn your economics certificate. Some schools may offer students more time if students need it.

Some students opt to transfer the credits from their certificate in economics to a master’s degree program. Talk to your school to determine if that’s an option in your program.

What Will I Study in an Online Economics Certificate Program?

Economics certificate programs generally serve three purposes.

  1. They help students develop their knowledge of economics overall.
  2. They help students develop their knowledge in an area of economics.
  3. They help students see the connection between economics, finance, and business.

What is right for you depends on your previous education and your future goals. Depending on both, you might:

  • Pursue a certificate in business economics.
  • Pursue a certificate in economic development.
  • Pursue a certificate in finance economics.
  • Pursue a certificate in econometrics.
  • Pursue a health economics certificate.

These are just some of the many options. Some other areas you might study in depth include:

  • Labor economics
  • Economics of financial and emerging markets
  • Economic strategy
  • Economic competitiveness
  • Economics of emerging markets

As you can imagine, pursuing certificates in these and other areas may lead you to different careers. They may also enhance your existing knowledge in distinct ways. You can browse through certificate programs and read their descriptions to see what might be best for you.

What Classes Will I Take?

Here are some of the broader subjects you might study in an Online Certificate in Economics program:

  • Theories and principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics.
  • Finance and economic theory and where they differ and converge.
  • Economic theory and how it applies to real-world events.
  • Economic history, current issues, and future goals.
  • Market and quantitative analysis.

Courses in these and other subjects are typically divided between core and elective topics. The split between the two depends on the program. Your elective coursework may help you focus your knowledge.

  • You might study investment theory and practice in depth.
  • You might learn how economics and technology blend.
  • You may dive into economics strategy, conflict, and cooperation.
  • You may become knowledgeable of economics history, financial crises, and risk management.
  • You might study international, health, behavioral, or labor economics.
  • You might explore economic development.

Depending on the program, studying these and other areas in depth could help you develop important knowledge and skills for careers in business, finance, and economics.

In some economics certificate programs, you might need to fulfill prerequisites. Some possible prerequisites include calculus and linear algebra, probability, econometrics, and micro- or macro-economics.

How Can I Pursue an Online Certificate in Economics?

Now that you have a sense of what it takes to earn an Online Certificate in Economics, it’s time to jump in. You could learn so much! You could build your understanding of the role that local, national, or global economics play in business, commerce, trade, or government. And you could enhance your career in business, finance, trade, international development, or in a multinational corporation.

To begin your journey, browse through the sponsored certificate programs on this page. Contact them directly for more information. Some might offer an online graduate certificate in economics, and others might offer professional development certificates. When you find a program you like, register! It could be that easy.

Good luck!