Online Marketing Certificate Programs : The Essentials

Marketing Certificate Programs Online may be a fantastic way to keep your marketing skills and knowledge sharp In an ever-changing business world. Many programs emphasize the basics: how to appeal to audiences, make them take actions, and analyze a marketing campaign’s results.

Marketing certificate programs online are relatively short. While it might take you up to two years to earn a masters degree in the subject, you could earn a marketing certificate much faster. Marketing certificate programs generally require students to take just 4 to 10 courses over one, two, or three semesters. While certificate programs might not go into as much depth as a masters program, they might deliver just the level of study you are looking for.

Who Might Take Marketing Certificate Programs Online?

Professionals who depend upon flexible programming and accessing courses by computer might prefer marketing certificate programs online. And, those professional might come from a variety of professional backgrounds. They might be:

  • Marketing professionals who want to specialize their marketing knowledge.
  • Business professionals who want to expand their business acumen to include marketing.
  • Professionals who want to work in marketing.

No matter your current position, engaging in marketing certificate programs online might be a fantastic way to make yourself more marketable. Through your program, you might learn the contemporary trends, theories, and principles that shape the discipline. You might also learn how to apply them to various business contexts. This could make you valuable to potential employers.

What Might I Study in Marketing Certificate Programs Online?

Depending on the program, your curriculum might emphasize marketing broadly or a specific areas of marketing. Some areas you might study include:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing management
  • Digital media and marketing
  • Internet marketing
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Marketing and communications
  • International marketing

You might study marketing as it relates to private business, nonprofit organizations, public entities, or all three.

Potential Courses in Marketing Certificate Programs Online

Marketing is an incredibly broad field. As such, you might study any of a variety of subjects. You might learn about:

  • Marketing research and analysis
  • International marketing
  • Social and new media marketing
  • Marketing strategies
  • Consumer buying behavior
  • Advertising
  • Marketing public relations
  • Marketing strategies for entrepreneurs and small business owners

You might also examine how to:

  • Create and communicate the value of a brand.
  • Introduce new products and services.
  • Automate marketing.
  • Plan and market special events.

These and a plethora of other subjects might provide food for fodder in your online marketing courses.

What’s My Next Step?

You might even be able to transfer your credits to a marketing degree program down the road if you earn a graduate certificate in marketing online. So why not get started? Keep your career goals in mind and browse through our sponsored listings to get a sense of which programs might meet your needs. Then use the tools on this page to request more information.

Enrollment may be just steps away!