Nonprofit Management Certificate Online

Earning a nonprofit management certificate online is all about getting your feet wet in nonprofit administration. Behind this certificate experience is the basics of how to run a nonprofit company or a part of nonprofit administration, from balancing a budget to the development of the nonprofit sector. If you already work at a nonprofit organization, this specific type of nonprofit education may be just what you’re looking for to jumpstart your career.

Did You Know?

11.7% of all of American workers are employed by nonprofit organizations.i

Basics of Earning a Nonprofit Management Certificate Online

Each nonprofit management certificate online program will vary. But this type of program is typically intended for those who have earned their Bachelor’s degree and are working in the nonprofit industry. The knowledge gained in a nonprofit management and leadership program may lead to moving forward in one’s nonprofit administration career. Successfully completing this certificate program may also enable someone who wants to work in nonprofit administration to switch careers. The course typically takes 1.5 to 2 years to fully complete, comprised of 72 hours of study. If you are currently enrolled in undergraduate study, some schools may allow you to earn this certificate while you earn your degree. You’ll need to inquire with your current admissions office if you wish to do this.

Did You Know?

Nonprofit organizations are companies that are there to serve and benefit the public and does not center around earning profits. Employees of nonprofits are still paid, as that is not considered a “profit.”

Certificate in Nonprofit Management Coursework

Every school offers different names for courses associated with this certificate program. These courses are meant to offer a tailored knowledge and experience in areas of fundraising, leadership, management, and more. Here are some common courses found in nonprofit management certificate curriculums:

  • Fundamentals of Nonprofit and Management: Students are taught the history and fundamentals of the nonprofit sector and philanthropic organizations.
  • Financial Management and Budget Analysis in Nonprofits: The objective of this course is to instruct on legal and audit requirements for nonprofit and government organizations, as well as managing budget finances of projects and fundraising initiatives.
  • Management and Leadership of Nonprofit Organizations: Because nonprofit administrators oversee others and have a unique business role, this course teachers the uniqueness of nonprofit organizations and how to run them and their employees and volunteers.
  • Philanthropy Fundraising in Nonprofit Organizations: Simply enough, students learn how to fundraise for nonprofit organizations. This includes an overview of fundraising strategies and how to set and achieve fundraising performance goals.
  • Public Policy Ethics: This type of course examines the laws behind the policies, ethics, and dilemmas associated with how a professional in this field conducts her or himself.

Getting Started on Your Mission

Certificate programs aren’t the same as degree programs, such as bachelors, masters, or doctorate degree programs in nonprofit leadership and management. If you’re already working in the nonprofit sector and want to gain the knowledge that is necessary to be considered for a nonprofit administration job, a certificate program may be a great step for you. A couple names of sponsored listing examples may appear as Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management – Fiscal and Performance Management; or Post-Bachelor’s Certificate in Nonprofit Management. Be sure to be on top of deadlines and find out all the information you can before you take the plunge and enroll in a program!