Online Education Certificate Programs

Enrolling in Online Education Certificate programs may be a great option for teachers or students who have teaching degrees but are looking to enhance their skills as an educator. Often designed to add to a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree, these certificates may be pursued in a number of varying concentrations in the broad field of Education. Covering a wide array of potential concentrations, the programs are typically focused on specific skills or areas of expertise, such as business administration or nursing. Since they tend to be so narrowly dedicated, Online Education Certificate Programs may not usually be recommended for beginners in the field, but perhaps for those looking to possibly sharpen particular aspects of their expertise.

Online Education Certificate Programs

Some Different Types of Education Certificates

Commonly, Online Education Certificate Programs might deal with a specific level of education, such as elementaryi or secondary schoolii . Others, meanwhile, could offer coursework related to a specific skill or set of skills; for example, some certificates may focus on the use of technology in education.

If, as a teacher, you’re not taken with the traditional classroom setting, you may prefer certificate programs within sectors such as Corporate, Policyiii   or Administration .iv It’s even possible to earn an Online Certificate in online instruction! v

Choosing Great Online Education Certificate Programs

For working teachers, choosing the perfect Online Education Certificate Program depends on how you may want to enhance your career. If you’re looking at pursuing a different type of education, earning a certificate in your desired field could possibly help aid with that shift. Certain programs could perhaps also assist you in your current field, and may boost your knowledge of how to technology ,vi write curricula, or maybe pursue a leadership role in your school .vii

Are You Ready to Earn an Online Certificate?

So what does it take to enroll in an Online Education Certificate Program? Well, naturally, that can vary from program to program. Typically, schools want you to have some experience or education as a teacher.  Some may even require students in their Certificate Programs to already have their teaching licenses and, in some cases, one or more years of experience. Furthermore, as some programs offer very hands-on assignments, you may need to be currently working as a teacher, or at least have regular access to a classroom.viii

Helpful Hint: If a program is referred to as a “Graduate” Certificate Program, it typically requires at least a Bachelor’s Degree, and possibly more, to enroll.

Not all programs, though, are quite this advanced. If you’re looking to enhance your career as a Daycare Professional or a Sunday School teacher, you may not need a Bachelors or Master’s Degree to start earning a relevant certificate.ix   In fact, some preschool teacher positions may require only a high school diploma and a certification, or an associate’s degree, to qualify.x Childcare workers sometimes need no formal education, but may benefit from post-secondary education in childhood education.xi

Possibly What to Expect From Your Coursework

Since they don’t involve a standardized degree, Online Education Certificate Programs vary greatly in the amount and type of coursework they involve. In some cases, you may be able to earn a certificate after taking only a few courses .xii   Moreover, being as specialized as some may be, these programs usually offer courses that are quite directed, and may not require the broader, introductory classes associated with Degree Programs.

Potential Benefits of Pursuing Online Teaching Certificate Programs

Unlike a Bachelors or Master’s Degree, an Education Certificate   may not be the cornerstone of your resume. So you might be wondering, what are the potential benefits of having a certificate in Education?

One is that it might enhance your career by helping you add relevant skills, or by exposing you to more specialized career paths. Since earning a Doctorate Degree in Education typically isn’t especially common, a Certificate Program may be a great way to continue learning and developing in your career, even after you’ve earned a Master’s Degree.

Helpful Hint: Some Education Certificate Programs may help prepare you to pursue professional certifications.

In certain professions in Education, it’s fairly common to have earned an Education Certificate. For example, 24% of Instructional Coordinators have either a post-Bachelors or post-Master’s Certificate ,xiii while 21% of Education Administrators for Elementary or Secondary School have a post-Master’s Certificate .xiv   According to O*Net, the median salaries per year for these professions in 2015 were $62,270 and  $90,410, respectively.xv xvi 

Online Education Certificate Programs may also be great becaus  in some cases they may offer a more flexible education than Degree Programs. If you’ve already earned your Bachelor’s Degree, for example, you may want to continue your education but can’t yet commit to earning a Master’s Degree. Fortunately, Certificate Programs tend to be quicker than earning a degree. Not only that, but some schools may allow credits from these programs to be applied towards a degree , should you change your mind later. xvii   This may not be the case with all Certificate Programs, though, so be sure to request information from the school about the specific program you’re interested in.

Take the Next Step

Knowing that Online Teaching Certificate Programs could potentially help you pursue knowledge and skills to enhance your career, you may be ready to find a program that’s perfect for you. Check out the listings on to find information on courses that interest you!



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