Online Educational Leadership Certificate Programs

Online educational leadership certificate programs examine the basics of effective school management. And they do it in a concise format, allowing dedicated students to earn their credential in fewer courses. School administration certificate programs might be either undergraduate or graduate. They could focus on things like early childhood administration, special education management, curriculum management, and more.

About Online Education Administration Certificates

Online educational leadership certificate programs could have a lot to offer. That may be the case whether you're new to leadership or an experienced professional. That's because online school leadership certificate programs aim to teach students how to help their schools succeed. Programs could look at all different kinds of school leadership. That could range from early childhood settings through university. Courses might also look at different areas of responsibility. That might include developing a curriculum, funding a program, and more.

What you’re specifically looking for may vary depending on your background. For example, a student who is new to educational leadership might prefer to attend a broader program covering the basics. More experienced professionals might have a few different considerations. Some might be looking for continuing education to maintain licensure. Or they might want to learn something specific, to help them meet specific needs in their school communities.

Some example concentration areas might include the following.

  • Early Childhood Administration
  • Special Education Management
  • Higher Education Management
  • And more!

You could also opt for a broader program to study school leadership across the board. Some of these programs might help you learn basic leadership skills and take steps in a new direction. Others might aim to help you develop more advanced skills to use in your current leadership position.

Online Educational Leadership Certificate Details

Online educational leadership certificate programs tend to be shorter than degree programs. They typically require fewer courses to earn the credential. The specific number of credits needed vary depending on the program, school, and level. By combining a lower course load with a flexible online schedule, you could get in and out a little faster. And you could do it while still being there for your students every day.

Undergraduate Online School Leadership Certificates

Undergraduate online educational leadership certificate programs may be open to students at several levels. This could include those with undergrad experience, as well as those who have never taken college courses before.  At the undergraduate level, one major area of focus might be early childhood administration.  These programs look at skills essential for leaders in preschools and daycare. They may also look at early childhood development and education topics.

Graduate Online Educational Leadership Certificates

Graduate online educational leadership certificates could be offered at either the masters or post-masters/doctorate level. In other words, some programs might be open to those who with a bachelors degree interested in masters courses. Others might be a good fit for those who want to continue their education beyond the masters level. Because certificate program levels vary, the prerequisites for admission may also vary.

Graduate online school administration certificate programs may come in a variety of flavors. Some might be designed to support experienced educators who want to learn more about leadership for the first time. Others may aim to help current school leaders grow. The concise nature of graduate certificate programs might also allow students to study a specific topic without becoming distracted by other requirements.

Some programs may even support the requirements for licensure as a school administrator. If you're interested in earning a certificate in a concentration area, or becoming licensed, reach out to your program for details.

Example Online Educational Leadership Certificate Curriculum Topics

In your online educational leadership program, you might have the chance to study a variety of topics. You could learn anything from how to help individual students learn to how the law applies to your school or childcare facility. The specific courses you attend may depend on the certificate level, concentration area, and the school or program. Here are some examples of some topics you might study.

  • Educational Research: These courses aim to help students build fluency with current education research. Some courses may do this by surveying current trends to understand findings. In other cases, courses might look at how that research is performed. Classes might also discuss ways to apply that research to help your school improve.
  • Educational Policy: Some programs may dedicate time to looking at legal issues in education. This could include federal laws like IDEA, and even state and local regulations. Your classes might also discuss how school leaders might influence policy and create change.
  • Educational Supervision & Evaluation: These courses look at how to supervise your faculty and staff. That could include discussing how to evaluate teacher performance, and help them improve. Courses might also look at how to create fair systems of evaluation for instructors.
  • Curriculum: As a leader in your school community, you might be responsible for helping to develop and improve your school’s curriculum. As such, some courses might look at how to design, evaluate, and improve curricula for different subjects and areas of need.

Online Educational Leadership Certificates: What Comes Next?

Your options after you earn your educational leadership certificate online may vary. This could depend on your level of education, personal goals, and the type of certificate you earned.

If you earned an undergraduate certificate in educational leadership, you may be able to transfer credits into a related bachelors program. However, that depends on the compatibility of the programs in question. Or you could take your new skills out into the field and focus on your career.

If you earned a graduate certificate, you may have a few options. Some graduate certificate programs may allow you to transfer your credits toward a masters or educational specialist degree. That might make it a little easier to continue your education beyond the certificate level. Some programs may also support the requirements to become a licensed administrator or principal.

Careers in Educational Leadership

Working in education leadership could be a rewarding career, no matter what path you take. But the specific options before you could vary significantly based on your experience and level of education.

One path that might be attractive to those with undergraduate education might be early childhood administration. That means working as a leader in a preschool or childcare environment.  In 2015, preschool and childcare center directors made a median annual salary of $45,670.

If you’ve earned graduate level credentials, you might have a few more options on the table. Some of the options you might consider (including median annual salary data from 2015) are listed below.

  • Elementary, Middle, and High School Principals: $90,410i
  • Postsecondary Education Administrators: $88,580ii
  • Instructional Coordinators: $62,270iii
  • Postsecondary Teachers: $72,470iv

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